Vornado Tower Fan or Air Circulator-Your Choice

A few OK reviews (2.8 out of 5.0) on the air Circulator over at shopnbc.com

is air circulator fancy speak for fan?

Take a look at this Discussion from the previous sale which includes this recommendation

Solid reviews (3.5 out of 5.0) on the tower circulator over at target.com

let’s watch this review on the tower circulator [youtube=oqeBl1osmpY][/youtube]

I’ve always loved Varnado fans. I have one I use every day very similar to the air circulator that has been amazingly reliable, quiet, and powerful. For such a small fan, it’s very effective and quieter than competitors. They are insanely expensive though, but worth it since it will probably last you a lifetime.

Vornado fans are fabulous…
they are quiet and the deep blade and grill design really make them true room air circulation tools.
I teach workshops in a room in San Francisco (read chilly) and I’ve been amazed how adding a couple vornados have made the room temp even and comfortable throughout.
and that said…
Drat it, Woot, I just bought 2 of these from you for $10 more each…
you Got me and my “good price, great product” greed!!!

I have nothing but praise for Vornado.

If you have 5 minutes to kill, check out this video

Can’t say enough good things about Vornado. I have 6 fans similar to the little one (although it clips onto its base and can be unclipped to attach elsewhere), and one stand-up. Don’t know about the towers, but the “Air Circulator” refers to the way the fan “shoots” air in a “tunnel” instead of just “spraying” it around. Lemme 'splain: If you stand all the way across the room from a Vornado “Air Circulator,” you can still feel it. If you then step a pace to the side, you don’t.

Anywho, I use them to channel air from the cool side of the house to the warm side on hot days. Two facing in from windows on the cool side, two facing out on the window on the hot side, and two in the middle to help carry the cool air to the hot side. Where I live, with a shady cool side, it’s almost as good as A/C.

They’re also quiet. The low setting isn’t audible at all. The high setting can’t be missed, but it can be ignored, as it’s much quieter than any other fan moving that much air.

I’ve also bought them as gifts on several occasions.

Oh, and the customer service is excellent. I’ve had one replaced (it had a little rattle), no questions asked, and when I dropped another one many years later, breaking the blade, they sent me a new blade, no questions asked.

In short, you can’t go wrong.

I’m bookmarking that for future Vornado rants during Woot sales.

I bought this tower fan a few weeks back when Woot was selling it through Amazon for the same price.

I’ve used it about a week now. This thing is fairly silent in it’s lowest setting which is great since I use it in my bedroom. It is only 32" tall so I actually have it on top of one of my dressers so I get a nice amount of air on top of the bed. The 2-8 hour sleep timer on it is great as well. The fan is stable and the only noise you hear out of it are the air moving and the fan depending what speed you have it on.

Again it’s quiet enough for me to sleep with it at the two lowest settings.

I bought that tower fan and took it back the next day. It is so weak as to be pathetic. It seems like a nice concept, but in execution it falls extremely short of the intended mark.

I never post here but I just wanted to post to mention I can’t say enough about that Vornado Tower Fan. My apartment AC blows and I needed something last summer to cool down/circulate air in my livingroom. This fan was $100 when I bought it and I almost bought another with a discount I had from Vornado after for $75…i would jump on it at this price.

It is quiet…though I think it has gotten louder or I’m just not used to normal fan noise (I’ve cleaned it as best as I can) and it spreads air on everyone at once. I have a sectional couch in my livingroom and this fan would sit across from it pointing at one end of the couch, and it would hit everyone on it.

EDIT: I can’t comment on how well it ‘circulates’ the air, but just that it is quiet and doesn’t need to oscillate.

We love our Vornado fans, but you can get the smaller one for the same price at Home Depot-at least here in SC. The only problem is that even thought it tilt up great it doesn’t tilt down in such a way (on its own) that you can sit it on a dresser or table and have it blow nice cool air down on you. We bought it for our bedroom’s tallest dresser to have it blow on us when we are sleeping since we do not have a ceiling fan in the bedroom. We fixed the tilt issue by placing a thick, hard-backed book under the back section to tilt the whole fan forward and this works great.

Picked up the tower version on a recent woot and love it. Very convenient form factor, especially next to a partially open screen door that its inlet lines up with and blocks less of. Oh, and bonus, with the remote control it’s a great cat trainer when he decides to try to scratch the screen.

Has anyone tried using one of these to propel a swirling column of sharks through LA?

Yes, air circulator is just a silly made up name. However the Vornados are actually more than regular fans, they’re ducted fans. Hence they’re quiet and move a surprising amount of air.

I’ve got the smaller one (purchased elsewhere) and another similar vornado purchased a couple years ago on woot.

Best fans I’ve ever owned, you can definitely feel the concentrated “beam” of air across a room. Put them in front of an open window or door and they’re perfect for cooling off the house after the sun goes down.