Vornado Whole Room Air Circulation Clip On Fan

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New Vornado Whole Room Air Circulation Clip On Fan, for $17.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Vornado 542B Whole Room Air Circulation Clip On Fan with Removable Base

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Does the clip allow it to hang upside down? We go camping a lot and our camper gets quite hot. We have bars to hang things from, which would be great if this was able to work while hanging upside down.


Battery powered? How many batteries, which kind, etc?

It’s summer. My room’s hot. So I’m in for one. Sorry for your lots.


Looks like a good deal. Reviews are good also.

All it’s electricity could run to it’s head if you hang it upside down.

Anyone know what the exact dimensions are of the fan? Also, how long is the power cord?

No batteries. You need to plug into an outlet.

How long is the power cord? Assuming I cannot use batteries?

I had a FULL sized one of these Vornados and man do they have power and do make a huge difference when they are on. If you need a fan, this is a great one. =]

I own 2 Vornado fans and a Vornado air purifier. They make quality stuff. I’m seriously considering grabbing this as it’s a good deal.

Have one of these. I have it latched on to a power inverter and then I hook it up to my car lighter to blow while the engine is off. Works like a champ.

Probably not a good idea. My old roommate freshman year had something similar (we had a small room, bunked) which he put at the foot of his bed since it used to get quite hot. It worked well and as such, I’d recommend this for dorm rooms.

Click on the picture, it’s just a regular clip… probably can put it upside-down, sideways, slantways, frontways, backways, and any other way Willy Wonka said.

How big is this thing, anyway?

whats normal price on somethin like this? and why buy this over like a more generic fan… all i need is air movement i guess…

My old roommate had one of these, basically the same but without the clip. It was snazzy. Great circulation, fairly quiet, unobtrusive. It does have to be plugged in, but I liked it. I used it when she went out of town.

How long is the power cable?