WD MyNet N750 2x2 Wireless N Router

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WD MyNet N750 2x2 Wireless N Router
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Reviews over at New Egg

Good reviews (3 out of 5 eggs) over at newegg.com and much better reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at tigerdirect.com

I bought this previously and have been thrilled with it. Dual bands make it easy to have the devices in my house split, so those doing heavy lifting don’t suck up all bandwidth.

I also have two USB sticks plugged into it and it streams seamlessly to my media players.

Never have had to reboot it. Setup is cake.

I got two N750 from woot before and they work well. WD is dropping their networking products, so don’t expect much support with software updates. There are reports of some bugs, so I went straight to OpenWRT and they work great. http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/wd/n750

If I had known that more N750 were going to be sold, I would have passed on the two N600 I got a month ago.

Two radios make it great for wireless repeating out a distance that I don’t want to cover with a cable.

They’re cheap enough to neuter them into access points and (with OpenWRT uci) you can easily script moves/adds/changes to your MAC access list and PSKs.

Also, you can make many SSIDs to send passive-aggressive messages to your neighbors:

“SSID: Your christmas decorations are still up”

Doubt the White House would find that very funny.

Does this router have the ability to function as an accesspoint? If so i would grab 2 an ditch my flaky belkins.

I keep mine and the tree up as long as I like. Record is Easter. Cleaning lady wants none of this nonsense, so she typically just undecorates the tree if I let it go past Valentines. So I took them all down last weekend.

So there!

I just purchased 3 of these a few weeks ago. I put OpenWRT/Gargoyle on them and replaced all of my old 10/100 routers.

I needed these because Charter recently upped our internet connection to 100Mb. 100Mb routers can’t actually get to 100Mb, so I was only getting about 82Mb through my home network. I switch all my routers to these and now I am getting speeds around 110Mb.

Based on reviews, though, the “stock” firmware on these routers can have issues with dropping wireless connections. That is why I installed OpenWRT. I figure these should be good until Google bring their Gigabit internet to town.

By the way, installing Gargoyle/OpenWRT on this model is extremely easy. It takes 0 computer skills to do it, other than being able to search the internet and poke a paper clip into the little reset button hole on the router. It was actually easier than pretty much any other router I have used other than my old WRT54Gs, which I stopped using about 5 years ago.

Gargoyle/OpenWRT upgrades this routers capabilities to rival $250 routers.

Here is a link that tells you how to install gargoyle and gives the download pages.

So not knowing much about routers, 2 questions:
Can I put this in the middle of my house to use this as a range extender for my WiFi that’s on one side of the house, or does it need to have a wired ethernet input?

Can I hook my media hard drive up to one of these and just access the hard drives without hooking the router up to the internet? i.e. Just use this and a HDD as a sort of mini-server?

Yes. Any product like this can simply have DHCP disabled and bridge the wired ports with the wireless SSIDs. You just have to get the “router” stuff out of the way.

I bought the n900 from here last year, it’s been very unreliable. Reboots needed several times each week. Nice features when it works, but too frustrating when it doesn’t. Maybe I’ll try open WRT…

I’ve had this exact router for over a year and it’s worked great. No problems at all. I paid $40 for it.
This is my first router so I can’t compare it to other routers

Yes to both.

I’ve found most stock firmwares on most off-the-shelf wireless routers are… well… awful. If there’s a DD-WRT firmware for this thing, I’d highly recommend flashing it. The increased learning curve is very much worth the reliability you generally gain.

Where I work, we have 7 office locations. Most of the offices have a Netgear R6300 set up as secondary access points. In the offices I frequent, I’ve uploaded DD-WRT on them and tweaked the settings a little. The other office locations the other IT guy usually takes care of and he’s set them up with the stock firmware. He gets nothing but complaints. Dropped connections, poor range, etc. While I don’t hear a single one. His has to be rebooted at least weekly. Mine have been up over 90 days without a reboot. Never needs them…

Thanks! In for 1!

Could I connect a cellphone to this router via USB and have it get internet that way?

Thanks for the info and links to Gargoyle firmware for this router. Always been a challenge to correctly identify what package to install. Have used Tomato on my ASUS routers for years and look forward to giving this a try.

I just realized that I bought this very router about two years ago. It was listed at $90, but with a promo code at newegg, paid $50. (And thought that was a good deal at the time!)

I am just learning via this thread about the option for firmware. Given that we occasionally lose our WiFi (though not sure if that the router or our DSL modem), I will give it a whirl and see if that stabilizes things. Also thinking about picking up one of these today for a family member.