WD MyPassport Ultra Portable Hard Drives

Don’t want to be a putz…but there’s a 3tb WD on the side deals section for 79.99/free shipping.

Edit…it’s a my book and not a passport.

I wonder if this is Windows 10 Compatible… It does not state that so I would guess not :frowning:

Solid Reviews on the 1TB over at Walmart

Actually, we sell and use these at my store all the time. They’re fully functional under Windows 10, PnP ready.

Completely Windows 7/10 compatible. It gets brought in as a hard drive.

I recommend getting a 2 TB so that you can completely back up your computer drive.

I bought three refurb WD drives from woot and had no issues - they’re still going 8+ years later.

That said, if you google for current prices (shipped) these are running 60 [1tb] and 85 [2tb].

So if you care about getting brand new, those are the price differences vs. woot’s prices (shipped) in this deal, which are 50 [1tb] and 75 [2tb].

Oh, and I have a MyPassport Edge (last year’s version of these Ultras) and it’s fantastic - rugged & beautiful

Go fuck yourself woot. I will never be back.

These are not new?

Does anyone know if these will work with the Dish Network Hopper w/Sling DVR?

They are refurbished


Will these work with a Chromebook?

Anyone know what is required to format with Mac operating system? Easy or difficult to do? Thanks

Very easy to do.

I use one of these as my back up Mirror Drive for my Windows 10 PC, No issues at all.

Will these work under Windows XP?

Buy now pay new prices for a used drive

if you want just black you can get 1TB from WD for 59.95 new /free shipping, plus grip pack free $ 12.95 value . So you do the math , very good quality drive I just purchased one a few weeks ago, very small footprint, technology is amazing on what they can do now with external drives

would these work with an xbox 1?