Wellington Mystery Case Re-Mix

Wellington Vineyards Mystery Case Re-Mix
$149.99 $404.00 63% off List Price
1 2008 Wellington Victory, signed by Peter Wellington
1 Extremely Limited Wellington Vineyards Wine
10 Wellington Vineyards Random Reds


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!??! “(1) bottle of Extremely Limited Wellington Vineyards Wine never seen on Woot.”

Somehow I just went against my word of not being able to swallow 3 cases in one sitting…in for 1 (got 2 on the previous offer)

No shipping to AZ???

Have bought Wellington here before, why no AZ???

Anyone have any idea why when I log into amazon, I’m getting the message that I’m not old enough? I’m 26…

Yay! Thank you, thank you! I’ve been waiting for another Wellington case to come up and missed the first offer at the last second. I really enjoy all of Peter’s wines!

I need to stop checking what’s on offer here. I’ll never work off my inventory at this pace.

Order placed. Looking forward to this - it’s a screaming bargain, even with the fact that we don’t know what most of the bottles will be. Peter’s reputation around here is just that good.

Woo Hoo! Got in this time! Love Wellington, and so do all my friends! Thank you!

So, should I drink the signed bottle or keep it as a collector’s item? What is the drinking window for that particular bottle?

Got WOOT Wellington all over the house here in Arizona…what gives?

Hey, what happened to the listing for the sold out offer?
It links to the re-mix…
Not the thread, that’s fine, but the main listing with the original sales patter.

Is this offer really ~different~ than the one that sold out?

Sounds like this case may be even better than the last :slight_smile:

So…what’s the difference between a Library read and Limited red? (Beyond the obvious five letters.)

ETA: more specifics than what’s in the blurb would be great. :slight_smile:

library wines are wines that the winery held back a small quantity of because they decided that the quality was high and should be held to be sold with a bit more age. Could be any varietal.

the limited is smaller production wines that are only available direct from the winery club not from woot deals.

Make sure that you didn’t mis-type the year in your birth date in your Woot profile and possibly Amazon

Sorry. No AZ. Find friends in different places. :slight_smile:

OK, can we stop the madness now. One from first offering and one from second. Will have to clear space on the racks for this by giving the not so good stuff as gifts this year. Cannot afford to buy anything else after these two purchases.

On the order details page, below the address boxes I believe, is a place for you to update your birthday.

Damn you( THANK YOU)! In for another case