Wellington Old Vines White Port (3)

Wellington Vineyards Old Vines White Port 3-Pack
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NV Wellington Old Vines White Port, Sonoma Valley, 500ml

Confused by CT notes dated earlier than July 1, 2014. This is the non-vintage bottling, is it not? How many have there been? Any comments/link to previous offer?

Boy, this stuff is outstanding, I’m in!

Last wooter to woot: bolligra

“This new release (batch #17?) has great aromatic intensity and complexity, with aromas of dried fruit, caramel, coconut, honey and a potpourri of dried flowers and orange peel.”

hey hey I love a good Port. The last time I ever had any was from the “Used Auto Parts” offering. A 2005, I believe. It was delicious and I have a few saved. I will add the Wellington to my stash! Never had the white.

Is this aged in small barrels or large barrels. Will it age in the bottle or remain stable once opened

Previous Offer where the White Port was one of 3 Ports in a “Dessert Wine Trio”.

I can’t speak to the cooperage but Ports will generally last for several weeks after being opened.

Last time this was offered Peter said the white port was best to drink “within a few years of bottling”. If bottled in 2014 should this be drunk in the next year? Reason i ask is considering one or two offers. Thanks !

I’ve officially reached the “if it’s a Wellington, you buy, no questions asked” phase.

In for one!

Grabbed a full allocation.
Would love to see some Criolla make an appearance (if any still exists).

Of that three, it was the Criolla that had me wanting more. I will probably buy this offer, because Wellington Port, but I wish it were that one instead. I wonder if Peter has any left?

The Criolla was delicious and an absolute rebuy, I don’t love this particular bottle offered today though. But hey different strokes…

Have to agree, I always purchased every Wellington offer that showed up, but never the Port. Then we received a 1999 & 2003 (Red) from our ‘Mystery Cases’. So it’s now or never time, in for 1.

PS: Looked funny sitting next to my Magnum of Victory.

Get two offers, drink one every two months, what’s the problem?

My sentiments exactly.

(Also, I’ve finished all but 2 bottles of my Wellington Ports, so I really want more. Though that Used Automobile Parts was excellent, too - I’ve got one left of those.)

Bought earlier… thinking it will make a great Christmas present for my brother. Now… do I get 1 for me as an early Christmas present? :slight_smile:

Sorry I’m late to the show. I was under the (faulty) impression this offer was to be a woot+ (weeklong) deal.
I’ll be answering questions shortly, plus checking in later for any more.