Westinghouse 10pc Solar Lighting Set

Westinghouse makes quality outdoor lights. Great deal at $2 each, and if they are placed right, they can really make your house or garden look great at night.

These look pretty craptacular. Anyone know if switching the 350mah battery out for a 2000mah eneloop would be worth the trouble?

These are only $2.49 a piece.

Anybody know what kind of light these put out? Is it the stark bluish alien type light or the warm yellow human type light.

Ben’s Outlet: $29.99 vs. $19.99 tonight:

They sold it last November for the $19.99 price tonight, but obviously the price went back up.

Does anyone know where I can get solar lights with a singular remote solar panel? You see the front of my house doesn’t get a lot of sun light. And if I could get one with remote solar panel, I can place the panel elsewhere where there’s sun and lights in the shaded areas. TIA

I would not recommend ANY solar garden lighting set, no matter the brand. I have bought 3 different sets from different manufactures and they all ended up in the recycling bin within 6 month. Here are the reasons they fail:

  1. The included cheap Ni-Cad batteries do not last. They may work initially, but they wear out quickly. I switched them to NiMH batteries with same results. The batteries simply can not tolerate the cycles.
  2. The cheap solar panel used will worn out quickly. I live in Southern California, so the sun is brutal in summer. The sun simply cooked it to death: they started to peel and dis-color within months, along with its efficiency.

The only type of solar light I use has lithium-polymer battery and cost a LOT more. Oh, it is not a garden light, but a solar motion light.

That alone is the source of the majority of your problems. :slight_smile:


I have these and they are much brighter than the usual solar lights. I live in Oregon and my set has lasted thru summer and winter. The lights come on each night even after many rainy days. There is one remote panel for each 2-light set. It attaches to each light via a 6’ cord. You can see the reviews are mixed. I’ve had good luck. However, it is true that the plugs are very loose and fall out easily.

I’ve had some experience with these and other solar lighting and believe a number of these offers stem from overstock that didn’t sell through normal channels. Seems like these batteries have a finite shelf life and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of these lamps is non functional or very short lived.

Replacements are generally ‘AA’ or a 2/3’s size ‘AA’ as I recall. Think replacement batteries will run about $2-$3 ea.

Has anyone else had the same experience or know a good source for quality repl batteries?

Lastly, they’re very dependent on the light received to the run time in the evenings.

Yes these cast a lovely blue hue barely brighter then stars above. No human lights here.

In for 3 sets.

Light up my life.

Being that the boxes are written in French, I would guess the bluish type.

I have a different version of these from Westinghouse-- two batteries per, metal housing, YMMV-- and they on average lasted 2-3 years on the original batteries. The batteries seem to be the main failure point. I replaced the batteries with eneloop (after the originals died) and after 2 more years, they’re still working. Pitting of the solar cell from sun and wind exposure (we live in NM) seems to be the next worst failure mode (this degrades how much solar energy gets collected and thus how long the light will last into the night.

We have 18 solar lights in our yard, so it’s a pretty good sample. Our lights were 4x more expensive at the time, so this is a pretty good deal. In fact, we paid about the same amount for just 2 solar spotlights, so on that basis alone I’ll be buying a set.

Anyone know what the lumen output of these lights are?

I bought the exact same set for 20 on eBay with free shipping, no tax. Honestly for 20, you cannot go wrong. They light up my path nicely and also prevent stray cats from doing their business on a patch of dirt.

I drove around my neighborhood and these seem comparable to others and I bet they paid more, except the electricity powered ones.

I passed on earlier offering of this and was going to buy from Home Depot but found questionable sets at best for $20+.

In for one set; if I don’t like the look on the walkway I can always use the top part and make solar jars for the deck.

In for one, just cause I want the guts for a cute DIY project I have in mind.

Driving back to the house after Hurricane Sandy, while several washed away, four remained, and all four still light. In for two.