What happened to the 'kids' section?

I noticed today you no longer have the tab for kid’s stuff. What’s up with that?

I noticed this a few days ago, and I’m wondering the same thing. Doesn’t Woot like kids anymore?

Woot has gotten way too big and way too many items – so it has downsized. Kids and fashion/accessories are eliminated, its items will be listed elsewhere.

Exactly where is ‘listed elsewhere’?

Well there goes the only reason I visit Woot.

It almost looks like WOOT is going away little by little. There are very few items available now.

You didn’t buy enough. :wah:

Kinda like this site I used to go to many years ago…

I know… imagine if it just kept shrinking until they only had one thing to sell each day! only one! Do you think it could be possible for a retail website to ever stay in business like that?! (sigh… still miss the good old purple days, right?)




They have their other site so this isn’t true anymore.

I agree. I’m new here, I’ve heard awesome comments and well, this forum seems to be lonely.

This is actually sad. I hope they’d last longer. :frowning:

Oh hai! We’re not going anywhere. Just trying to make sure everything we sell is something folks wanna buy and no filler junk!

Yahoo! This is great news. :slight_smile:

What if I only want the filler junk?

Then buy BoCs :slight_smile:

Look at flash? :tongue:

Hahaha! This is a great reply. :slight_smile:

I’m tempted with that Bach Clock.