What is your favorite movie?


As a netlfix member I am always looking for movie rental suggestions, and their site provides no such forums for members to share their opinions. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Classics, Dramas…there are so many to choose from.
One of my favorites of all time: LOCK, STOCK, and TWO SMOKING BARRELS

Id love to hear any movie suggestions my fellow wooters have!

EDIT: What are some of your favorite movie lines (dont tell us which movie so we can all guess) AND NO CHEATING!!!

Heres an easy one: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya punk?”


Anime & Comedy is what I like.

what have you seen?


The Shawshank Redemption
The Count of Monte Cristo
Memoirs of a Geisha
Boondock Saints
Battle Royale
Kiss the Girls
Pride and Predjudice (The BBC version w/Collin Firth)
The 40 year old Virgin
Oceans 11 &12
Fight Club
Mr & Mrs Smith

Eh, thats a few I own…all are good.


I love the Counte of Monte Cristo as well. A similar movie is Man in the Iron Mask, which is also very good.

I am Sam is amazing. You could pause this movie at almost any point and put the frame on the wall…beautiful.

I’m easily entertained, so this list could be very extensive. I’ll name just a few more…

Remember the Titans
Glory Road
The Power of One
God’s Army
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Connie and Carla
What a Girl Wants
Napoleon Dynamite
The Rundown

The Last Movie I watched was The Greatest Game Ever Played, which was great and next up is In the Mix…gotta love Netflix!


Boondock Saints is one of my favorites as well, good to hear you are a fan.

‘I’ll have a coke’


So many to mention let me start off with a few:
Boondock Saints
Dr. Strangelove (gotta love Stanley Kubrick)
Full Metal Jacket
The Big Lebowski
Reservoir Dogs
Taxi Driver
Batman Begins
An American Werewolf in London
Old School
40 Year Old Virgin
Rear Window (Almost any Alfred Hitchcock, Im working my way through em)
Dial M for Murder
The Birds
Office Space
Night Of The Living Dead
Dawn of The Dead (Original is best, but 2004 version was great also)
Cool Hand Luke
Unforgiven(Favorite Clint Eastwood movie)
The Sting

I’ll let you guys and gals take that in for now, and believe me when I say that I want your suggestions!


Battle Royale, is that the 2001 version; it seems to be the most popular one on netflix. From what I hear it was quite a controversial film


Is that all the Alfred Hitchcock you have seen? Rent the rest of them.


They are on my queue but I currently havea total of 171 movies in it, so it will be some time before I get through all of em!


I meant to write ‘Rear Window’ Rearview Mirror is a pearl Jam song(Silly me)


most of my favorites have already been listed (boondock saints, lock stock…) except for the movie, Pi. very strange movie, but very good

oh, and of course, The Deer Hunter


I forgot all about Pi, I should rent that one again. Agreed, Deer Hunter is great. Big fan of Apocylipse Now also.




One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (How Could I forget that one?)


Where can you rent that, or can you? (I dont see it on netflix)


Try Princess Mononoke


Oh sure, Americanize it. Heh… :wink:


If we want him to find it…


Found it thanks.
PS I was able to find the original at imdb, but didnt see the english title translation, although Im sure it was there somewhere.

Make Netflix Go Now!


Is that the one you both recommended for me?