Worst Movie I've Seen


The worst movie I’ve seen recently was Solaris. It was possibly the worst I’ve ever seen.

any others? I mean truly horrid, not fun bad like Motel Hell or C.H.U.D.


I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but Napoleon Dynamite. I can’t believe I sat through the whole thing, and I can’t believe how popular it is. I have an aversion to people acting like idiots. I also don’t watch reality TV for the same reason.


And I know 99 percent are going to disagree with me but Dancing With Wolves bored the hell out of me. I was still smoking then and I left in the middle to go have a cigarette and came back. Have never done that in a movie.




Agreed. I saw it once and fell asleep. Never had the desire to try again.


Why do they keep giving Kostner action roles? He is the most wooden actor (hyperbole).


No idea, though I will admit to enjoying Waterworld in the theater when I was like, 11. Had to p!ss like a racehorse the entire time though.


LMAO. He is known for those long movies!


Worst movie I ever saw had to be Behind The Green Door. Geez, the actors were totally stiff.


Some might have liked it, but Dune (with Sting and a really bad lead actor)



Watched the whole thing to listen for a supposed song by Cogasm (Cooper - drummer for the Cure, Gabriel - once guitarist for Bowie and Smith - Robert, of course)…and NEVER heard it.


worst i’ve seen is a movie called Hush. it’s supposed to be a thriller… but it was just plain dumb


KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE!!! I own it so I can put it on mute during a party to get conversation going about how horrid it was.


Napoleon Dynamite= Crap!

The precious pooch perched on the plush pink pillow is getting upset, G’nite all!


Oh, another one, the new Scooby-Doo movies.

Death tho whoever did that!



The remake of the Avengers . . . the original series should disavow any association with, or relationship to it.


The Whole Nine Yards. I could see each joke coming from a mile away, and none of the jokes were actually funny.


The Upside of Anger. I literally wanted to crawl through the screen and stab everyone in it with a rusty, poo-encrusted fork. Not that I had one at the time.
Same thing with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


How much do you pay your psychiatrist? Does he charge you extra?


The original or the remake? Don’t care much for Adam Sandler in anything . . .