Why am I being charged for shipping

I am Amazon prime member and the shipping option shows FREE SHIPPING, but my charge includes $6 for shipping???

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Make sure you confirm your address. It should refresh and remove the charges.

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You may also have to be logged in with your Amazon account and not your Woot account.

Make sure you are signed-in with your Amazon account not Woot. On the Place Your Order page, Verify your payment type by selecting Use this Payment Method even though you have not changed it. The page will refresh with Amazon Pay Payment Method and magically change the shipping to $0.00.

Woot didn’t think you’d notice.


It also works if you click “Address Book” I have two addresses. I change it to #2, then back to #1. Shipping charges removed!

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If you click “Address Book,” it will also remove the shipping charges. I have two addresses, so I change the shipping address then change it back. Only takes a second or two, but it works. I suspect any action that causes
a refresh will give you your Amazon Prime free shipping.

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thanks! this worked for me