Wilson 12" MLB Baseball Glove



12"? Adult size?


Lefty glove available?


Here’s a Glove Sizing Chart

It’s a large youth to small adult, I believe.


This looks like a beautiful glove. Not being an athlete, i just have to go on looks.




It’s a big kid glove.

Not a bad price even with the $5 shipping.

Retail for the newer model $30 + tax, here $18


Not sure where you get it’s a small adult . . .it is a middle size glove, so it’s appropriate for more positions. Typically only slow pitch softball gloves are that much larger.


Left handed? Left out.


Woot’s fulla handists, huh? No Lefties allowed, huh? I get it! You won’t have this southpaw to push around no mo.


Ah ha! Depends on your position.

This is an outfielder glove (open webbing to see fly balls and a deep pocket).

Derek Jeter wears an 11 1/2" glove at shortstop.


edit - almost forgot - GO YANKEES


It’s a large youth to small adult, I believe.

Thanks. I went to the size chart and this is an adult glove. Good price.


In for 1. Wasn’t smart enough to buy two of the Rawlings a few months back. Since anyone I would want to play catch doesn’t always have a glove I figured I should have two. Makes it easy for tailgating. Now to just go find a non-autographed ball around here…


No love for the lefties :frowning:


That’s not the same glove pictured here. No checkered webbing on the one shown here, for example. I tried entering all sorts of variations of the model number on Google and couldn’t find any sales or review of this glove anywhere. :frowning:


Well my 2 year old is fascinated with baseball and I have no idea if I even have my old glove. In for 1 for years on playing catch with my boy!


This is an outfielders glove, infield gloves are smaller because for the most part you field grounders, extra glove gets in the way. If anything you could use this at first base. Also, no lefty gloves is not cool Woot -_-


Shesh, people - woot sells what they have available. Stop whining about no lefty gloves - it’s not like some big conspiracy against southpaws launched from a Woot boardroom.


Oh but it is…it is…


This is a good all-around, multi-position glove for high schoolers and adults. As pointed out above, only slow-pitch gloves are much bigger. Also, it’s a name-brand glove, not some plastic china cheepie. If you’re playing so competitively you know you need a glove 1/2" smaller for an infielder, then get a different glove. This will last for decades of playing rec ball, or catch in the backyard. I’m buying a new one cuz my old Wilson glove’s finally losing its stitching (from the 70’s). Can’t beat the price!


Don’t blame us for your handicap.