Wine Filled Truffles - Gift Week

Wine Filled Truffles - Gift Week
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Decadent
product: 4 Bouquet of Fruits Wine Filled Truffles: Port, Champagne, Chardonnay, Cabernet

Yummy! Cannot wait to get this…

I like that when the write up says “back in February”, it was referring to February 2007.

I got these last year, they are very good, and the people I gave them to loved them too.

I bought these last year. They were very dry and less than appetizing…they also took forever to arrive. Not a fan. Very messy. But good value for gifts.

my first wine.woot! great gift idea, especially since it comes with the bouqet of 4 boxes. now i have a truly unique gift for four special people!

dangit, WD.

The short description says: 1 Bouquet of Fruits Wine Filled Truffles
The long description says: 4 packs of 9 wine filled gourmet chocolates

I hope the longer description is correct

yummy! I was hoping to see these this week!

4 boxes.

Since this is not alcohol in a bottle, can I order these in Georgia? The authorities shouldn’t have a problem with me receiving these?

Absolutely awesome gifts. I bought these last year and they are really really good.

I would encourage you to either buy 2 sets of 4 boxes, or save a few boxes for yourself.

Yummy! I was hoping to see these this week! I love them! I even gave a couple of boxes as going away gifts last year. The recipients love them, too!

Ok, I bought 2 sets. One set for me the other to gift. :slight_smile:
We should get them before Xmas, I hope.

Oh HELL. This gift week is wreaking havoc on my budget. Stop offering things I WANT. I barely resisted the decanter (I had to keep telling myself that my chipped one still works fine) and I couldn’t resist the balsamic…

bites nails

At least I have my woot anniversary coupon?

Got 3 sets last year. I was disappointed.

They are indeed chocolate filled with wine. I guess I was expecting a wine/chocolate ganache in the middle rather than straight wine. The mouthfeel was just all wrong. My brain expected a truffle, but my mouth got a shot of wine with chocolate that didn’t instantly melt & coat.

Still tasty? Definitely. Would I buy again? Nah.

ETA: Also, my wife is pregnant and I don’t want to tempt her.

I’m in for two (or eight). This officially concludes my Christmas/everyone-I-know-was-born-in-December shopping. Take that!

This seems perfect for my girlfriend… perhaps too perfect.

Do these actually have alcohol in them? :slight_smile: