Wine.Woot Tool Kit - Gift Week

Wine.Woot Tool Kit - Gift Week
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 Wine.Woot Tool Kit

I had a chance to check this out when I was in CA last month and I was suitably impressed with the craftsmanship of the opener.

c’mon now…can we PLEASE have something wine related?

i keed i keed!

I’m all over this…couldn’t resist!

Hm… cute w.w inscriptions, but I already have more than enough of these various tools. Sleep time!

What does this look like to you?

Loweeel again… nice going

Cool! my opener just broke!

In for one.

In for 1!!

my first wine woot! I am a manager in a fine dinning restaurant and I am buying for the bar manager. Hope he likes it :slight_smile:

he gets it a lot doesn’t he?

Oh woot please don’t hate on my miami dolphins corkscrew :frowning:

Not nearly as much as I’d like. This is a good price for a nice, fancy, non-plastic double-hinge corkscrew. IMO, worth that alone.

Swwweeeeeeeeet! Love this type of opener. I’m in!

I think they were just hating on the Dolphins.

…hunting the wabbit, hunting the wabbit, I’m hunting the wabbit!

LOL!!! Thank you sooooooo much, now I must go and watch that episode, if only to get the song out of my head! GRRRRR!!!

I am a tad concerned about it having wine woot on it, as he is not familiar with the site. But my present to him, I get to pick. Those are the rules.

I think there is another one about him being grateful to me until the day he dies, but I would have to look that one up

This is a gift to myself. For being first sucker.

Paging M.C. Escher.

Me thinks the wine will be grateful for a new opener (non-rusty that is).

omg it says wine.woot!!

Man, I would have liked all 3 items so far if I had any money.