Winix C545 4 Stage Wifi Air Purifier

Crap. I have the c535, and was hoping I could use the same filters.

Crud, that sucks.

Consumables of different sizes for similarly sized products is just weird. I’m so disappointed that all the C500 series products don’t all use the same filters.

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I think this is the filter for C545

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The compatible filter replacement is right here and at a great price.

This link is Wrong. The filter for this link is too big, over 14 inches. The C545 is only 13 inches.

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I purchased 2 of these because at the price, whoa. However, I did purchase them with the app in mind and now I’m sort of second-guessing the purchase, just sort of, though. One of the units came with Wifi not working. The light blinks but there’s nothing to connect to. I haven’t found anything on how to reset wifi other than to just hold the button down for 3-5, which I have done. I then went looking for reviews and found that this seems to be a trending issue with these devices. The Wifi connectivity is pretty bad and range from not working to working for a while and then not. I would like to exchange vs. return because really, the cost is unbeatable and the most comparable device to this one I’ve found in terms of price is meant for a smaller space and isn’t wifi/app-enabled anyway. If I can’t exchange I’ll use the warranty and hope for the best or maybe just use it without the app.

I’m also having the WiFi issue. I was able to connect once but it shortly disconnected and now I can’t set it up anymore.

Hi there. If you don’t figure out the Wi-Fi issue and if the manufacturer isn’t able to help, reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Good: Definitely effective, my sinuses feel much better, manual controls work OK.

Bad: I’m very creeped out by the app. After installing the app, it immediately forced a download of another 20mb of code… I’ve never seen an app do that before, so I wonder if this is nefarious code that Apple wouldn’t allow in the app store? Then I saw it requires an account signup: I just want to remotely operate a simple air filter machine, not give them my email to scrape - Especially when I would also have to enter my wifi password. I deleted the creepy app immediately, hope it didn’t leave malware behind. I’ll look for bluetooth not wifi next time.

Sad: The ozone generator comes on automatically, I have to remember to shut that off each time I power it on.

Funny: There is a bright bar on top to show air quality, glows blue for good, orange for troubled, red for bad. It stayed blue all day, so I figured that it was more gimmick than feature. Then, after dinner, I passed gas, a tiny squeek. The indicator turned yellow, then red, and eventually went blue again. We tested it a few more times - 19 seconds from release to reaction. I guess the air quality sensor works, good to know.

Farts for the win!