Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack 104-Servings

Wise Company Emergency Food Variety Pack 104-Servings

Just want to point out 104 servings isn’t like 104 servings of a full meal. It includes 24 servings of powdered whey/milk for example. It contains 4 entrees (4 servings ea.) But it’s nice in that it also includes servings of things many kits don’t, like veggies, fruit, even pudding and yogurt.

I would say this container would feed 4 for about 4 days give or take.

Same thing sells for $89.99 on Amazon and it says the list price is $119.00. It is not really 60% off, more like half price.

Why isn’t “warranty” to 2043? What sort of warranty claim could someone claim on this anyway? It tastes yucky – well, yes, we assume that. I don’t like XXX please give me different flavor??

Anyway seems like a good thing if you want to have stuff like this around. Keep in mind the “servings” trick mentioned in previous post – you’re not going to live for 100 days on this.

My friend mentioned wanting to get something like this but I think he was joking. I was thinking of ordering one for him. Then if we’re still alive in 2043, and we haven’t had a nuclear or environmental cataclysm, we open them and a big meal with them. Which would probably kill us. Which would be ironic.

This keeps showing up in my email and I want to buy it but it’s been out of stock for like 5 days WTH?

I’m guessing an email from Amazon? They’re not very smart about checking to see if a sale is sold out. :frowning: