Wolverine Men's Cody Jacket (3 Colors)

Will this jacket help me grow my claws longer?

Nah. It will help you during Red Dawn.

I have some heavyweight Wolverine shirts that I’ve had for many years,if this jacket is as good as they are this is a very good deal.

Check out the history of Wolverine. Been on business over 125 years, sounds like a solid company.

Few dollars more here: http://www.meijer.com/s/wolverine-mens-cody-duck-work-jacket/_/R-218562

($6.52 shipping, 42.52 total)

And therefore the heavy purchases in Colorado and Washington. Go, Wolverine teens!

I have a pair of Wolverine boots that lost their waterproofing last year… sprayed some silicon on them and they are good to go. Great boots that feel like sneakers. Wish I didn’t get a new jacket recently or I would grab one of these.

K I thought this was sports woot? This jacket is more geared towards a work jacket isn’t it? Kinda a miss if you ask me guys. Not saying anything bad about the jacket itself but this really isn’t placed in the right section of woot if you ask me.

Before someone else brings up how the $34.99 compares to the “list price”, the list price is actually $70 as noted above, if you go to the product webpage:


I thought I would give some information on this jacket regardless of my opinion on which section of woot this is offered, as to help some of you. Although I don’t have any experience with this particular jacket itself I do have experience with similar jackets so I will try and be unbiased.

Let’s start off with the specs. I checked around and could not come up with a definitive weight on the product but it being canvas and having metal zippers I would assume this will be somewhat heavy. Keep that in mind when figuring out when you will be using this. It also says it is 100% cotton witch means it will get wet and stay wet. You could potentially help mitigate absorption by using a silicon based water protector on it such as Camp Dry but keep in mind it could cause discoloration. As for zippers, it doesn’t say what kind is used so I would deduce that they are not YKK or they would have advertised it. It would seem it uses Polyester as it’s main insulator and that is a good thing.

The construction looks alright for the price range but I would really have to test it first to see if it will hold up. From the picture it would seem that the inner pocket is not double stitched and that causes concerns since (at least for me) it’s a high stress area. Most manufacturers would double stitch that. On the bright side it looks as though this has a uniform stitching to it. It’s a bit hard to gauge if it will fray over time but at this price I guess a lighter wouldn’t really kill you if you had to use it.

I really like they way they used the elastic integration around the wrists. That will help to keep snow rain and debris out. Although If it’s rain or snow it wont really matter because if you get this wet you will have a even heaver jacket with little insulation that will keep you dry.

I could keep going but I think I will cut this short. I think you guys will get the idea regardless if I keep going or not. All in all I think this would be a good jacket to wear around the yard on a chilly night or in the garage and/or shop. Maybe even car camping but that for me would be kinda a stretch.

If the whiskey-tan doesn’t match my dogs coat can I send it back? We like to be color coordinated. WAH

…share my weird American Psycho geek personality w. you all. Btw, do you like Huey Lewis and the news?"

Wow, very good analysis. I have a Cody Jacket that I got at a much higher price. It is 100% cotton but seems to have a coating on the outside of the jacket so water doesn’t soak in, it kind of rolls off. I’ve worn it in the rain. The insulation is lighter but I like it because I layer underneath. I’m not sure about a YKK zipper but it’s metal and really sturdy. I own a lot of outdoor jackets and a YKK zipper is not a deal breaker, I’ve had them go bad too. The pocket on the inside is double stitched and the high stress areas (shoulders, sleeves) are triple stitched. The inside of the jacket is the shiny material so that when you put your shirt sleeves in, the slide right in. This is a really great jacket for the money, I’ll be picking up another one at this price. This is a jacket that will last me for years… Or I put on weight and have to move up a size.

Thanks for the insult. Your immaturity just radiates of your conceited personality.

I was hoping somebody with some actual experience with this jacket would jump in and make some corrections to my statement. Thank you for sharing.

Just a quick question though, have you used anything to maintain the coating on the outer shell?

Nope. In the area of the country where I live “sport” is also hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, etc. and often I see people engaging in those sports wearing brown duck jackets, overalls, coveralls, similar to this jacket and those made by Carhartt. This is a quality jacket for those into rugged sports and those who work outdoors. If I didn’t own one that has lasted upwards of twelve years now I would be in for one.

Wolverine does make some really good gear. I still wear a pair of Wolverine work boots I got in '99. I can’t speak personally to this jacket but it looks like a pretty decent version of another well known work clothes brand name. For the price it’s hard to go too wrong on this deal.


How do these run size-wise? True?