Woot! App! Week!

#WootAfterDark ?


You obviously haven’t met me. Lol

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This definitely belongs in the Dog Chat Club. We Cat Chat Clubbers are much more refelined. I mean refined.

I’m glad someone else got 79. 'Cause that’s what I got. 79. Been wondering where the 5 comes from.

Oh. Thanks for explaining. But you’re assuming more math-braincells than what I’d assume for them. Remember we’re talking about monkeys here…

Then it’s not just me with this, either.

AM a 'Kat!


Btb, what’s the midnight special for tonight?



a Wifi Lightbulb …

Mini Smart Bulb - Pic posted on the MMM thread:

Oh good, I don’t need one so I can go to bed at a decent time for once.

Thanks to both of you for posting!


So I have to write something in here to get in the game? :woozy_face:

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Uh huh.

Whatcha get? Whatcha get?

yep, I have a smart house but not sure if I need another bulb, especially a mini one. IF I am awake I’ll try for it but I am not staying up to just to get this one.

So did you get one, Linda?

Me, I have a dumb house. Smartest thing is a programable thermostat–which isn’t online or anything, just raises/lowers the setting at times I program. I was very sound asleep long before midnight.

Would someone please explain why you need a wifi lightbulb?


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you can turn on and off the lights when you aren’t home, you can automate it (like turn on the lights at, say, 7am every day), and you can use it with smart speakers (“alexa, turn off living room lights”). i’m sure there are many other reasons, but i can’t think of them right now…

I decided a long time ago to not have any machine/device in my house that is smarter than me.

Got so frustrated when one would do things I didn’t fully understand. Or I had to find and read an on-line manual just to turn one on and off.

Seriously into life-simplification here. I’m actually a retired techie, so imagine I could cope. But uh-uh, rather knit and read and such. Very comfortable with my dumb house.


Can’t wait for Web Week. Websclusive deals all over the place. Sweet…

And best of all, App users getting the dreaded “Sorry, This is a Websclusive Item only!”



Nope. We had a MASSIVE storm come through about 10pm. Power out, lightning so constant it was nearly light outside, thunder rumbling and cracking without let-up for about 4-5 hours.

That was an image the emergency weather service on facebook posted. Crazy.

As far as a smart home. What I like the most about it is:

Lights…nice to just tell Alexa to turn on all the lights in a part of the house. This is done through grouping. You have individual names for each light which you can use, but then you can put them in a “group” like kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, etc. You can then put those groups in a group so you have upstairs and downstairs, then those in a group called “all”. When I go to bed I just say to turn off all the lights. Boom. Done. Also you can set the lights to be on at a different percentage. If you have colored lights you can also set the tone. Daylight, Incandescent, Warm light, candle light or if you really want to be crazy. Blue, red, fuchsia, green…lol

Timer…we just tell Alexa to set a timer for dinner and you can have multiples going on.

Grocery list…we use Any List which hooks up to Alexa. We just say, Alexa, add eggs. Boom, on the list that is shared between my husband and I, so he can be at the store and I can add things to the list and he gets it immediately.

Drop-in…we don’t use this but if you had someone who needed help you can drop in to a different dot/show/whatever device you have and talk to them intercom style.

Music…you can play music via either Amazon Music, Pandora, whatever you choose. You can also hook up all the devices to be synched so you can hear the music throughout the house.

Audibles…my husband is an avid reader. When he is not writing novels he is either reading one or listening to one. He does this also while cooking so I have had the joy of listening to War and Peace. lol

Vacations…we don’t use it now as we are out in the woods, but when we lived in Milwaukee when we were both on vacation we would have Alexa turn on different lights at different times so it looked like we were home. Also, there is a feature that if the device hears breaking glass it will contact you and you can listen in to see if someone broke in.

Sleeping…you can listen to white noise if you want. Also, you can have an alarm set up. In fact, and we aren’t using it now but we did have an alarm along with a routine set up. Alarm went off at 7am, about 10 seconds later one of the lights by his dresser would go on at 10% power to give him some light to move around in. At 7:10 am, the light would go off so I could continue sleeping. :slight_smile:

I don’t have a nest cam but my kids use this a lot, for the nursery, for the front door, etc. Also they have one in their car (Echo Auto) that opens the garage door when they pull up. There are smart appliances, thermostats, etc etc. You can go hog wild.

There’s more, but this gives you an idea.


Hm. I dunno. Some of that sounds fine, but the rest, well, I just dunno.

Lights–maybe because I live alone, but I only need the light on in the room I’m in. And when I leave it, I turn it off.

Grocery list–again, live alone. Although if it can keep me from buying everything NOT on my list, that would be awesome!

Drop-in–don’t understand it. Like “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”?

Music–hm. Would be nice, if the tv wasn’t usually on at home.

Audibles–I’ve been told they’re way better than they used to be, when it was just someone reading. Never could get into them back then. I really should give the new ones a try.

Vacation–ok, now THAT is worth it!

Sleeping–again, alone. But I can see how it’s a really good thing in your situation.

Don’t get needing a smart thermostat over the one I have that I just program. And I have something that opens the garage door when I pull up–it’s called the opener.

Sorry, just seems like some things are getting too techy and wired-in and all. But I appreciate the info.


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If the best way to celebrate App Week is to fling your phone on the ground and completely shatter your screen (thus rendering the app useless), then I am celebrating HARD tonight!

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The only way to heal is to first let that hurt go. Just breathe in 1 2 3 4 then hold for 7 and out 1 2 3 4 5

I’m in tech central and it’s funny how many engineers don’t have Alexa or Google home. But a lot do. My bf has his set up to have the light slowly turn on when the alarm goes off. Personally, I’m not into having listening devices in my home. Having to manually turn the lights on or off is the trade off. I agree that having Alexa add things to the list is very useful. And sometimes I wish I had the light/alarm thing too. But still, nah.

Only thing I think would make me change my mind would be if I had kids. Then I could just tell Alexa to play baby shark.