Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear (6)

Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear 6-Pack
2012 Woot Cellars Pinkie Swear Rosé Wine, Sonoma County
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I never had a woot cellars wine i didn’t enjoy and this one looks really good.

I only wish I had money to try it. If anyone in the seattle area gets one may this ol’ cowboy purchase a bottle off ya?

I’m on on this. The last rose blend I had was from pear valley which I did not like, let’s hope it’s better than that. Nice work on the label too guys. I’m glad you continued the concept from the albino rhino.

…grumble grumble…stupid shipping restrictions…grumble grumble…

Any chance Woot will save any of the recent Woot Cellars offers for later once MN (as well as other states) gets back on the shipping list? fingers crossed

Enjoyed working with Lucas Meeker on creating this wine.

The label is a hilarious work of art.

Quality in and out.

Well, glad somebody in the pub figured this one out, since I’m currently sipping some of this tasty juice!

First tried this back in August at the Wootception, and did not care for it at the time (although others did). At this point I should mention that I’m fairly picky wrt rosé. It’s gotta have fruit and it’s gotta not have any sense of cleaning fluid that’s gotten into my bottle. Best rosé I’ve ever had just reminded me of fresh ripe sweet strawberries and was amazingly refreshing. Tough task to live up to.

On to tonight’s sampling. At PnP this was not my thing at all - the nose was too reminiscent of cleaners and some other kind of funk. Palate was also kind of astringent and lemony in the sense of citrus-scented cleaner.

Good thing first impressions don’t last forever! After even 5-10 minutes the citrus cleaner scent disappeared and watermelon took its place. Watermelon is a good thing. At this point the wine was clearly starting to come into its own. Not a ton of complexity, but I wasn’t expecting any either.

As the night wears on, the fruits evolve more sweetness and to be more up front on the palate. The watermelon remains, but adds strawberry and lemongrass. There’s even a hint of passionfruit or something of that nature. Now I like this! It’s extremely gulpable at this stage and it’s tough to not finish the whole bottle in one sitting. Glad it’s in the fridge… The acidity is bright but not overpowering while the fruit is taking its appropriate place for my tastes in rosé.

This went fairly well with blackened redfish seasoned with a Cajun-ish spice blend. It went extremely poorly with persimmon crisp. The latter was not a surprise.

At $10+tax/ship per bottle this is a good value. I like this more than the $6 TJ’s J.L. Quinson Provence Rosé and I think it will have more longevity similar to the McClean Syrah Rosé of recent offering. Another great effort from Meeker.

If somebody wants to share 2 bottles molarchae and I are in. No room for a full set (nor the two, to be honest, but it’s tasty!).

Also, your attention is requested in the De Longs Wine Map forum.

I think I can do a split with you as long as sparky or rjq is willing to take it down to you neck of the woods. Let me know. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a better idea…come visit!
We may also head up that way in Feb and/or March…

Planning a trip to Portland any time soon? I’ll split with you if so…

Always willing to bring wine back. It may make it empty, but the bottle will make it!

But it might be easier if I just share with him. And anyone else. :wink:

Dark & Delicious is in February … VA Barrel Tasting is also that weekend. Hint, hint, hint. :wink:

Anyone in Chicago want to do a split on this?

I’d be in for a couple, and we should be up for D&D.

Definitely! I’ll pm.

Or you could just get two of my order. :tongue:

Anyone in Tampa up for splitting an order? (3 and 3) Send a PM!

So is this a dressed up new Pink Elephant vintage? I imagine the winemaking was similar as were the grapes used. PE was under $7 shipped. This offer close to $12 shipped.

As klezman mentioned, WD brought this to our wootception back in August. it was served after Twisted Oak’s new rose, and WD leaned in to me and said he was afraid to open the woot cellars rose after that one. But I felt then that it was definitely strong enough to stand beside it. It wasn’t ready, but I could taste the potential, and with Klezman’s report, it sounds like it’s finally had the bottle time it needed. Woot Cellars reds are known for needing a year after release to show their stuff, so in my head it makes sense that the rose needed another 6 months to wake up. i imagine this is going to be killer next summer.

time to go find a credit card… :slight_smile: