Woot Limited-Edition Birthd@y Balloons of Celebration


Once again sitting in the relaxing VOP.


Wow my internet sucks sold out again before it posts.


I give up, sorry if you’re still wasting time on this.

Wow, i have never seen that fast before. Waiting in the VOP AGAIN. Third time now

i’m giving up

Uh-oh. Some stuff sold out and was yanked from your cart. You missed:
Woot’s Limited-Edition 14th Birthday Bag o’ Crap

Didnt even get Vestibule this time!

I clicked the Buy Now button this time…but next page said Sold Out.


At least the VoP wait was short.

Hate you Woot!!! Stop teasing!

Stoked to get one of these!

VoP again!!! 8(

is there really a chance to win in VoP?

Lol I see the page update to the BOC and then when I click shop now, it’s sold out…What is there like only 10 birthday BOCs per post?

Does anyone know that feeling when you are in the VOB on both your computer and in the app? Double VOB FTW

If I did not have a nice relaxing drink right now, I just might be throwing stuff lol… Not that the dogs would mind xD

Are all of these $50? And are they just selling one at time? I mean, I’m trying to get one, but if the chance is less than negative 500, I’d rather just take my afternoon nap…I mean get back to work.