Woot selling stolen property?

Bought 16 Echo Shows in November to give as Christmas gifts. Had to return a couple due to issues with the hardware, no big deal. What IS a big deal though, is that one of the units went to a nephew who finally got around to attempting to set it up two weeks ago, Well past the Woot “90 day return” policy, of course. What irks me is that when he called Alexa support to see if they could help him out (as I recommended), they said the unit was reported as “Lost or Stolen.” They also told him to have me call, give them the DSN number and they could reset the unit.

When I called Alexa support and gave them the DSN number, I was told that the unit was purchased on another Amazon account, and I would have to provide them that account information. In other words, we can’t do anything for you because you don’t have the account number associated with the unit. Thus - Lost or Stolen.

Now the icing on the cake. When I reach out to Woot customer service with my talk of woe-“Sorry, you are past the 90 day return window.” SO-Woot is fencing stolen goods under the quise of an e-commerce reseller, and EVEN THOUGH they have these units for sale on the site as of today (3/28), they can not, and will not, send a replacement unit that is not marked as “Lost or Stolen” by Amazon.

Woot–An Amazon company. What a crock. Amazon customer since 1998, Woot customer since 1997. Welcome to the new reality of “customer service.”

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The good news being that the next tier of customer service will actually see this and follow up with you. Hang in there!


Woot was founded in 2004. Is there a secret woot that I don’t know about?


You don’t know the secret handshake?


No, the woot staff honk each other’s noses. Or at least they did. STOP!!! Don’t touch your face!!! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




This happened to me with a [“refurbished”] Fire tablet a year or two ago. Woot, which is of course owned by Amazon, isn’t intentionally selling “stolen” goods, but what’s likely happening is that some of the returned products (that are these types of items that get registered to an account) aren’t reset and are thus locked to the previous account.

It’s not really acceptable that they overlook this and sell some products in this condition, but I understand why it happens. In my case they couldn’t unlock the “reported stolen” table and I had to send it back, but while that’s frustrating I think you can escalate this and get someone higher up in Woot CS to offer you the same type of resolution.


Hi there. This is resolved and return exception is being allowed.