Woot Shirt basics?

Hi all,

I used to buy Woot shirts all the time - a decade ago. I’m trying to get up-to-speed with the current state of things and the FAQ seems out of date.

A few questions, if I may:

  1. There used to be 1 new shirt available per sale each day. The FAQ suggests the new shirt each day is $12, but I can’t seem to find any $12 shirt and it seems that there are multiple new shirts available each day. Is there a specific page with a discounted new shirt each day I can’t find?

  2. How can I tell which shirts are screen printed vs digital printed? I imagine shirts from a decade ago that I want to order from the back catalog would clearly be digitally printed, but I haven’t found specs listed on individual shirt pages that seem to confirm one way or the other.

  3. How does the Top 20 for $19 each compare with the 80-100 shirts that are available for $15 each that have variable “days left”?


Hmm … yeah, it seems to need some revising.

  1. $15 is the new base price. Everything has gone up in price.
  2. The old shirts were screened; for about the last 5 years, it’s all gone digital, as it’s simply unfeasible to be holding pre-printed inventory on thousands and thousands of shirts in over a dozen different sizes.
  3. The top 20 is more of a spotlight of the best selling designs on a weekly basis. The others are curated sales, hence the lower price.

Thank you very much.

So just to confirm, 100% of the shirts are digitally printed now - even on day 1? I understand it not being feasible to keep stock on hand for most shirts.