WOOTDUNNIT - Combined Crap Tracking

Did you score some crap while hunting down wootdunnit? Post about it here!


Blue Oyster Crap!


Me too!

Scored some Blue Oyster Crap

I wonder if there are some real pearls in my Blue Oyster Crap (hint hint - lol :)).

Preparing For Shipment
Ships in 3-5 business days with Standard delivery speed (3-8 business days)

Blue Oyster Crap
Sold by Woot
Condition:Ca-ca-ca-craaaappy Quantity: 1 @ $5.00

Representin’ Team Tom with the Blue Oyster Crap.

In with a Blue Oyster Crap.

Got a BOC and can now concentrate on finding clues.

Snagged myself the Bride of Crappy. Fitting since I’ll be celebrating my wedding anniversary this weekend!

Blue Oyster Crap!

Bride of Crappy

Bride of Crappy

Scored a BOC

i don’t think that word means what you think it means

I got Blue Oyster Crap.

I’m in for a Bureau of the Craps!

I got a Bureau of Craps.