Bag O' Pet Crap

Bag O’ Pet Crap
Price: $3
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Mar 31 to Tuesday, Apr 01) + transit
Condition: Crappy


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B O C - Now I feel way less special

Third chance pays off. There must be a lot of these craps.

If only I wasn’t terrified of getting a palette full of feeder crickets.

let’s see how long this is up

hopefully it doesn’t mean that it is genuine crap

Can’t believe I actually got one. I’ve never seen any type of boc stay up this long.

If I hadn’t already scored one earlier today I would certainly spring for this.

This marks the first time that I’ve had to ignore a Brigadoon of Carpathians because I already had one for the week. sniff

All the feeder crickets are belong to Lich.

…um… well I’m one who did read the write-up, LOL! Thanks for what y’all did put there, at least :smiley: (You are appreciated)

so THIS!

I’m 100% positive it’s true crap!!! I don’t really want it, but I had to get it.

I finally get a chance for a Bag o’ Carp, but I don’t have a pet.

I’ve come close once before, but never been able to grab the elusive beast.

Quick question, how else are people able to get a BOC? I know of the woot-off types and whatnot but is there a trick to finding them?

This week, one was in a heavy petting side sale, another was a post in the poll thread for heavy petting, and now the third this week is the main heavy petting sale.

Usually you have to dig around. For instance, if you had paid attention to the poll question this morning you would’ve known that one would pop up in the forum comments.

+2. And I don’t feel like being selfish and using my alternate account to get one either.

(I only use that for ordering extra AA shirts. :))