Woven Dobby Sheets

Can anyone comment on the quality/comfort of these? That’s a heck of a price for a queen sheet set. Will be in for a few if someone can tell me they are comfy.

Blergh my mattress is too deep for these; bummer, I really like the color-

BEWARE!! These sheets state they are MICROFIBER. That means they are similar to sheer curtain material…which is awful as sheets. Just sayin’.

Anyone know the brand name? I can’t find one. :\

Microfiber just means that it is a really fine (as in thin) fiber. My sheer curtains are made from a microfiber. As are my ultrasuede pillow covers, and my really comfy blanket.

If these are like the ones I picked up at the store last week, they are really soft and lightweight.

These remind me of those “Egyptian Comfort” sheets that claim to be 1200TC for $30.

Microfiber sheets don’t hold up to washings and get very uncomfortable very quickly. If anything, buy these for the guest room…if you don’t like your guests.

Well, they’re polyester which means they would make great pants for Herb Tarlick… sheets? not so much… (at least, not for me)

Just disappointed these have NOTHING to do with Harry Potter.:slight_smile:

Do these come with House Elves?

Does anyone know the thread count? Microfiber or not there should be a thread count.

How can you call these Dobby sheets when they have nothing to do with house elves?

From my Google-ing, it seems these sets are extremely popular for deal-a-day websites. They’ve been on groupon too. But everyone seems to keep the brand name on the hush. Nearly every single site uses the exact same description wording. No further info than what Woot has posted.

Has all the signs of some cheap Asian junk. Just sayin…

Love Woot, Hate these sheets. As the old saying goes, “why bother?”

Sheets are slick like imitation satin sheets and I had a nice pink mattress pad after I had my burgundy sheets on my bed for about 5 days.

Just not a value. Inexpensive yes, but quality just not.

The nicest I can say would be , “meh”

So I’m guessing this would be a “NO GO”. And to everyone who keeps saying “it’s a good price but the quality is not so good…” Well you get what you pay for. Not only that if you want comfortable sheets go to a store like a muggle and feel them before you buy. Crazy concept, I know.

Sheets with house elves on them would have been a definite buy!

If that’s the case, my wife just purchased two sets of these sheets from another site, and we’re pretty disappointed. There was no brand-name on the packaging. Just a plain, nondescript piece of cardboard.

And although she ordered king-sized sets, one set has normal pillowcases as opposed to the larger king-sized pillows. But worse, after one washing one of the pillowcases’ seams just completely fell apart. We haven’t even slept on the sheets a single time yet, and they’re already ready for the trash.

I’ve never used this exact brand of sheet, but having once owned polyester microfiber sheets that looked almost exactly like these, I can say that I would never, ever buy them again. Invest in something nicer - I am forever in love with my beechwood sheets from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and they were WELL worth the cost and only got softer and nicer after every wash.

Microfiber isn’t rated in theadcount. It’s rated in GSM (grams per sq meter). Since this is 75 GSM it’s very light and thin (75GSM is almost see-through thin held against a light).

Generally it’s best to stay away from microfiber sheets.

Dobby’s sock.