Your Choice of VIZIO TV

I think I’d trust Vizio with my life…My parents have the 42’’ and I think that it’s magnificent every time I get to watch something on it.

What is the response time on each TV?
I’m enjoying my AOC 27" 2ms 1080p desktop monitor greatly :slight_smile:

So whats the deal i need a TV is it worth it?

I purchased a 47" Vizio from Woot 2 years ago and it’s honestly the best purchase I have made from this site. It’s definitely worth the money (and you can’t beat $5 shipping for a TV!)

I’ve had a Vizio TV for 7 years, it’s a 32" and it’s fantastic. That’s my experience and everyone else that I know’s when it comes to this brand’s products.
Ooh also these motorized wall mounts are super cool, although I can think of exactly zero useful scenarios for them. You’ve gotta admit that those things are cool.

I don’t know. I’ve been burnt by Vizio on a Woot deal and promised never to buy again. Their “refurbished” tablets awhile back were just throwing returns in boxes no matter what condition they were in. I got a broken tablet they did nothing but fight me on it. Finally gave up and consider it a lesson learned. Vizio is a shoddy company that refuses to stand behind their products. Even read through their warranties…they all essentially say if it’s broke it’s your fault. So shady.

I had a 32 in. that just stopped working one day. All of the sudden the picture went out but audio still worked. Too much $ to get fixed so went on to get a Philips TV w/ media connect and love it! Needless to say I am no longer a VIZIO customer.

In mid 2012 I bought a refurb Vizio 42" 3D TV. It stopped working after just over 90 days. I called Vizio and the US-Based tech guy talked me through trouble-shooting the set and determined it was shot. I was honest about it being a refurb and he said that Vizio couldn’t express me a replacement TV…instead it would take 5-7 business days.

A few hours later the rep called me back and told me he could not replace my 42" because it was discontinued…and he shipped me a brand new 47" 3D LED TV. It arrived a week later New In Box by a delivery crew who set it up and hauled the old TV away.

The old Vizio may have had issues with customer support, many companies do but, I will happily buy from them again. The new TV is awesome and even recently received a software update to add new settings. To top it off, Crackle and Hulu were added recently so I can watch a ton of shows through the TV without any other STB.

edit the Real Cinema “Smoothing” effect can be disabled. It initially showed as an option I could not de-select but, turning on Smooth Motion made Real Cinema selectable and then I turned both off.

Happy Happy…Joy Joy!

Will Woot ever have TVs bigger than 47"?

They did a 55", it was a nightmare.

Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve been too confused to pull the trigger on smart tv’s because I already have a tivo with adapter that streams web info (glitch-ily at that, on some days). Isn’t it redundant to have smart tv?

I’ve had a good experience with a previous Woot on a 32" Vizio refurb, but …

Who did this refurb? Vizio or some guy?

I see a 90 day Woot warranty, is there any other? Specifically from Vizio.

over 50 reviews on the E371VL with average of 3.3 stars out of 5.0

Why is it that woot tvs never exceed 50"?

I don’t mean this to belittle smaller televisions, I assure you, but I’m currently the owner of an older panasonic plasma, and downsizing is frankly, difficult.

might pull the trigger on the M420SL, 4 1/2 star rating at Amazon

Does anyone know what the picture is like without an hd signal?

Can you buy an extended warranty, past the 90 day Woot warranty?

No - gets rid of the extra devices and cables, and also, as you said, yours is glitchy. Makes it a lot simpler to have all the apps built in instead of needing your xbox or other devices to do your streaming for you

Bought this 47 inch and it is phenomenal. The picture is fantastic, the apps are great and the 3D is much better than I had expected.