Yukon Outfitters Scout Sling Pack

Got one of the other sling packs about a year ago. Used it to carry my iPad. It worked out great until the top handle pulled off. Per Yukon’s customer service, I sent it back for repairs or replacement. Can’t get a response from Yukon.

Got this same scout bag in storm grey the last time it was sold on here. The MOLLE webbing on the strap was poorly stitched and the whole webbing came right off. I spoke to their Yukon support on this, to which they asked for pictures. I sent the pictures and description of the issue and never heard from them again. The bag is not much different than a redrock brand I saw before Yukon. Redrock’s was a bit smaller, so I went with Yukon. It seems these are all made in china, with only slight differences. I wouldn’t recommend any of them.

@sephcm and @nocturnal160, we are sending you PMs now to get your warranty needs fulfilled. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



Will the tablet pocket hold a surface pro 4?

The Surface Pro 4 measures in at 11.5" x 8" right? Looks like you’ll be able to sneak it in there by a hair. If it’s a little too snug for your liking, it will fit in the main compartment outside the tablet sleeve with ease.


I have one and really enjoy it. The Concealed carry sleeve is a nice addition and it does conceal well, but isn’t ideal for a quick draw situation.

I use the bag daily and have no complaints. I just hope to not be challenged to a duel anytime soon.

Problem resolved.

Is this mostly for gun nuts or is it generally useful, e.g. for (smaller) photographic equipment?

Purchased one recently for other purposes (EDC) but I wouldn’t recommend it primarily as a photo sling. The zipper and compartment layout is not great for quick access. I have 3 different photo slings and any of them is a better choice. I do carry an Olympus XZ-2 in a small pouch inside my Scout Sling as part of my kit.