ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

This machine is garbage. Not worth the price even at one dollar.


I have one I bought off Amazon with a very similar look and I personally love it. I charged it the day I got it (3/21) and as of now (8/4) it’s still on the same charge with 48% battery left. I use it pretty often after rowing and exercising to break up any tightness and soreness. It’s great for driving into the nerves in my shoulder to help relieve my constant nerve pain from ulnar nerve damage.

Personally I think they’re great. I would never pay $50+ for them, but for $30-45 range they beat the power on any other sub $100 massagers I’ve tried.

I think this price is high for what it is though.

Does anybody have any experience with this particular brand? thanks!

Bought one of these last time they were offered and it was a good, cheap way to try out this technology…because as far as I’m concerned not one of these would be worth >$100.

I can’t even really say that there efficacy to using this unit, but when I put it on a knot, it hurts, and the next day the area feels better. so if you gauge effectiveness by the amount of discomfort you feel I would say this is effective.

The power meter is not useful…It stays at 80% charge for a long time, then goes to 60 and 40 in the space of a few minutes, then seems to shut off below 40. I’ve only charged it twice so cannot really comment on that. (power levels drop by 20% increments).
I find myself reaching for this more often than I anticipated. Intensity levels are pretty foolish, there’s no need to have levels 1-4…there should just be “high” and “low” which would be levels 5 and 6 on the device.
worth $60, and should demonstrate pretty effectively that these are not worth $200-$500.

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The limited warranty appears to be for watch. (read item 4 and the sentence following it.)
woot folks, could you please clarify?

I recently purchased a similar unit (not this one). I am old. I have a bad back (burst fractured vertebrae, pinched nerve, spinal degeneration with curvature, and arthritis). I spend considerable amounts of time each and every day on a treadmill walking several miles to help burn calories in a weight loss program.

I have to stop walking frequently as my back and hip hurt. Really hurt.

So I bought one of these units to see if it would help.

It does.


I was more than a bit surprised as to how heavy my unit is. Used for a few moments on various hurting bits, it seems to take the edge off of my discomfort and allows me to get back to walking.

I see little value in flashing lights, power meters, or speed indicators. I use my unit at a moderate speed – no more, no less.

I can only speak to the application of products like this (percussion massage) and not this one specifically. In fact, I’m an educator for Hyperice and Thera gun (the really expensive versions). Percussion massage as a whole has changed the way people recover. It works, and is amazingly helpful. I just want to emphasize that while this is definitely a fitness trend, it is one that is very effective and I hope sticks around. I’ve been using guns like this for about 8 years now and have a 16 year career in Corrective Exercise. If the quality on this is half decent, I’d suggest considering one. The higher end options are worth it if you’re using it 1+ hours every day. If not, something like this could be great!

I got mine and when I first charged it for 3h it didn’t work. Woot said it’s my problem now that it passed 30 days from the purchase but ales mentioned I’m on warranty but sent me a link that doesn’t work to reach the manufacturer. Can’t find their customer support online. Anyone can help me?

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

You’d have to use the above link to get warranty support, and not through ZTech.