ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

ZTECH Percussion Massage Gun

Got this the last time it was around a few weeks ago. Be warned the motor started going after only one charge. Very disappointed


What are the specs? How many percussions per minute? How many pounds of force? What’s the battery capacity?

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Mine too. In fact, I looked in my history to see if it was the same brand because until it broke (after the 1st use) it was amazing and I wanted to replace it.


They shouldn’t be allowed to call these “percussion” massage guns. If you’ve ever had a real percussion treatment with an acoustic shockwave gun you’d know it is night and day. This is more of an aggressive sex toy.


That really depends on your sex toy.


I also got one of these last time and sorely regret it.

Mine hasn’t died (yet) but it’s under-powered groan and impotent performance don’t instill confidence. The differentiation between levels 1-6 is minimal and the top-end power at level 6 is underwhelming. Even at Woot’s price, this is a waste of money.


I was going to purchase one these the last time around but when I read the reviews I changed my mind. Thank you all for reminding me why not to do it again.


Happy to read these replies! It looked, at first, like an acceptable knock off but after reading these reviews, that’s enough for me to not waste my money. I’ll do a little more homework looking for one of these devices.


I just asked the vendor for specs on RPM and battery life. This was his response:

The RPM (revolutions per minute i.e., how many times the massage gun can hit in one minute) range is 1200-3200. The battery life ranges from 2-5 hours depending the speed setting.

This massage gun is pretty much “meh” for your money. The complaints so far are legit, I have also experienced the thing stopping completely after maybe 5-10 minutes of use. The handle where the battery is located is not hot, the area where the motor would be is not hot so I don’t understand it stopping for overheating when it isn’t. I does not completely turn off, it just goes from whatever setting you are on down to zero…I can start it right back up and it will work for another 5-10 min and stop again.

It does say it has auto shut off at 10 minutes, Maybe not being able.to accuracy tell time is among it’s shortcomings :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You may as well choose Taotronics TT-PCA003. Cheap, strong, quiet, long-lasting battery.

Mine stopped working the second time I used it.

Got this last week. I don’t recommend this. It’s loud and weak. I will be returning this and avoid buying this to those that reading this.