Zwipes Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, 24-Pack

Cheaper on Amazon if you have prime… $15.90 instead of $16.99.

They’re also only $16 at WalMart or $17.99 at Home Depot and you wouldn’t have to wait a week and change for shipping.

Your deals are slipping woot…


Up to 17.20 now on Amazon with Prime. Only way this is a deal is if you buy 3(or if you don’t have Prime and want only 1).

At $12 it’s a good deal but the game changer is the shipping. At $17, which includes the shipping, it’s a bust.

I buy the ones form Costco - 36 count for $17.64. Plus they are 16" square instead of 12x16 like these ones.

12x16 (x24 count) = 4,608 sq inches of microfiber at $16.99

16x16 (x36 count) = 9,206 sq inches of microfiber at $17.64

I wish we had a Costco. The other “deals” mentioned from B&M stores fade when sales tax/gas/time are entered into the equation.

I’ll agree this isn’t quite the screaming W00t deal of old, but it aint bad for people that use a lot of these, like me. N43