100% Microfiber 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

Becky Cameron 4 Piece Sheet Set, QUEEN, Aqua on Amazon is about $16 with free shipping. Most other colours are north of $30. So, this can be a good deal, unless you wanted the Aqua, then go to Amazon.

If the fitted sheet on your bed, like mine, has a big hole. These may interest you!

Ohhhhh, I hate that. I usually discover right as I go to bed and have to deal with it the rest of the night bc I don’t feel like changing the sheets.

Yeah, I discovered the hole after I put on a clean fitted sheet. Seemed pointless throwing away clean sheets, so the hole got bigger with time.

A sad development. My order came and I just realized my one fitted sheet has some manufacturing defect with 5 inches of marks and small holes.

I guess I am destined to have holes in my fitted sheets.

Oh no! please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Yeah, they gave me a refund on the one set. The other set is good. It must be good. I’m sleeping with it!

Thanks for the heads-up about the Aqua color at Amazon.

These are horrible. They stretch right out of the package and dont stay on the corners. They are cheap because they are made cheap. Do not buy.

I bought a Queen set last time around. I’ve had them for a few weeks now.

They are very nice! Mine were perfect and fit my pretty thick queen mattress just right. The corners do not come off and they stay tight.

Very soft and comfortable. One of the best purchases I have made, especially for $19.99.

Highly recommended…

My wife laughed at me when she found out I bought a set of these. Until she slept in them. She is a convert.

The sheets are soft - almost like a very light set of flannel sheets - and are comfy when you get in bed. They manage to keep a reasonable temperature (it’s turning cold now, so warm is good).

My wife was mainly concerned that they would be slimy or slippery (we’d tried one microfiber sheed that was), but no. These are actually better than their cotton counterparts.

I like them, and my wife no longer taunts me about buying them. I have been vindicated! For once.

One warning, however. The set I got was wrinkled bigly, and were still wrinkled after washing. No biggy, really - who cares if your sheet is wrinkled?