2" or 3" Gel Enhanced Topper-6 Sizes

I read that comment from the manufacturer’s rep and certainly did not think it was “China-bashing”. But let’s face it, there has been a reputation established of some of the products imported from China being very low quality, hence the lower prices.

As for the part about not covering it to allow it to breathe? Again, I absolutely agree with the rep on this one. Wrap an “air space” in something that doesn’t allow new air to circulate in and old air to circulate out, and YES, it WILL get warm under one’s 98.8F body temperature! Same concept as insulating your house, or good glass windows (double pane to trap air). Sheets are woven fibers that certainly ‘breathe’ (allow the free transfer of air through it). BREATHE is often a term used to describe free air flow, not literally inhaling and exhaling through ones lungs (“DUH”). Many covers are VERY tightly woven (some even plastic-lined) and do NOT allow good air circulation.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the 2 and 3 inch other than the size?

I have one of these toppers on my bed and love it! It’s so comfortable, I sleep like a baby. Even with two layers of covers over the topper it must breathe because I don’t sleep hot. BTW, I only buy US made products and am proud to say so!

Other than an added inch of plush comfort, it’s really about personal preference. Some people find that a thicker topper provides a little more support. I hope this is helpful.

Can I cut these to fit odd shape?

A few tips on cutting foam: it helps to have a straight edge to cut against while also holding the foam in place. Spraying cooking oil on your knife will help it cut through the foam easier. Also, since a gueen size topper will be heavy and cutting it requires alot of moving around, handle it gentle firmness. Grabbing and pulling on the topper could cause tears.

So can someone with knowledge help me wade through all the differing opinions on denisty. I understand that the heavier denisty foam (5lb) is a better quality and will last longer. However, i am only looking for a topper to add some cushion to my firm mattress. is 2.5lbs worth it? Many say no and many say yes…i say bah!

Sure you can. Using something with a straight edge and a little weight to cut against is the key. It helps hold the foam in place while cutting. Also, spraying cooking oil on the knife makes cutting through the foam easier.

Hi jeffynes57, yes it’s a world of confusion out there when it comes to memory foam. Higher density is not necessarily better for a topper, it sleeps very firm and can be hot as the foam is too dense to breathe (yep, sorry, we’re back to the “breathing stuff again). :slight_smile: We find the density of this topper is just right to satisfy both worlds: the 2” gives a nice layer of extra cushion, while the 3" satisfies those who want a plush comfort layer.

Please be more descriptive.

I’ve been shopping for a new foam mattress and have all the tiny sample squares and literature here for iComfort and TempurPedic . Very confusing.

When you look at the charts to compare the various models, even within one manufacturer, there are many listed features. However, what’s always lacking are the descriptive benefits of each feature and the criteria for selection.

In other words, there is no practical method for the layman to decide how to choose one particular model over another, other than price. Even after deciding to only spend a certain amount, that leaves dozens of models with various layers, options, etc. It was really exhausting.

Please don’t say go to a store and try them. That’s how I got stuck with my present piece of garbage. (All mattresses really feel great in the store.)

So in this case how can I decide whether I need the 2" or 3" topper? What criteria would I use and how? Body weight? Body shape? Type of mattress underneath? If I only really need the 2" but get the 3", am I playing it safe, or could I regret it?

I think lots of cheap garbage comes from China these days. Simply describing the majority of the competition as “inferior Chinese foam” certainly seems to be a dry factual statement and nothing more.

Thanks scubalab, never our intent to offend anyone, just to try and make sure everyone gets a great night’s sleep!

Those are really excellent points sparky672. You mention body weight: yes that’s important but not necessarily a black and white issue because there are two factors at play. More body weight will of course cause the topper to give a little more, so if you’re a little heavier you might want to go with the 3".

So much of this is personal preference. You are going to get more of a thick, plush feeling from the 3" as compared to the 2". So for example, if you really love a firm mattress, but would like just a little extra something between you and the mattress to relieve pressure points then the 2" is perfect. If you want more support plus a comfortable, cushy surface the 3" is better. If your bed is lumpy and you want to minimize feeling the lumps, again either will work depending on just how much cushion you want. There really isn’t a clear cut answer because there are so many factors to consider but I hope this helps you make your decision.

Thanks for your interest in our products!

Not at all! I’ve had the same uncomfortable mattress for years and I really have no idea what I want… why? How could I possibly know what I want/need when I only have experience sleeping on what I have now? This is why I need guidance from an expert.

  • I am not overweight.
  • I am not a large person.
  • I am not disabled in any way.
  • I am not elderly.
  • I am active and fit.
  • My lower back will sometimes hurt if I sleep on my stomach.

My present mattress was supposed to be “firm” but I cannot say if it failed or if I should not have purchased “firm” in the first place.

It’s a very plush top (spring style) Thomasville brand king size mattress, but I can still feel pressure points like on my hip when I’m on my side.

Sleep is terrible and toss all night. The mattress is failing and should be replaced but I’m thinking a topper will help me squeeze more time without spending a fortune.

When I say it’s failing, I mean that there are slight depressions where I sleep… less than 1", and it’s been flipped and rotated many times.

Best way to cut foam is with an electric carving knife. the dual opposed blade cut smoothly and evenly. a regular knife will pull and leave a more irregular edge.

We got one of the 3" gel toppers about 8 months ago. I really look forward to getting into bed. It feels so good. The 3" is thick enough that you never bottom out. So glad we got this.

Can you tell me how much a queen 3" one will weigh? Is it going to be too heavy for me to handle myself? I’m a female - 5’1", 120 lbs. Also, how is it shipped? Rolled?

Thanks mcstuffin!!

Thanks very much tagbert, we love the positive feedback!!

A queen 3" weighs around 22lbs. The toppers are compressed and rolled so the box size is only 17"x17"x20". We ship via UPS.

SOLD! Thanks. :slight_smile: