3in Quilted Memory Topper

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3in Quilted Memory Topper
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Who is Soft-Tex?

Just bought a King. Our new mattress is too firm for the wifey, so I’m hoping this helps her out a bit. Will report back when I have it tested.

For those who are on the fence, these really do make a difference, especially if you prefer a very firm mattress. We had a patient who weighed only 120 lbs but his back problems required that he slept on an extra firm mattress. The big problem was that he was too light to press down on the mattress, meaning that it didn’t conform to the curves of his back. In fact, you can slip a sheet of paper underneath the lumbar area. As a result, a alot of weight was concentrated on the small areas that did press down – while other areas weren’t supported at all. These mattress toppers fix that, filling in the space between his lumbar and the mattress. That allows for more even support and weight distribution. And with a firm conventional mattress below, there is no sag, which can be an issue with foam mattresses.

Sagging is a major complaint in memory foam mattresses. A lot of people complain that they’re too soft for sitting on, making it hard to get out of bed. That’s because the inner core of memory foam mattresses is just plain old dense foam. They simply can’t match the support of metal springs. Putting a memory foam topper on top of a conventional spring mattress gives the best of both worlds.

Can I still use standard sheets with this? Or will this topper necessitate buying deeper sheets?

That would depend on how deep your fitted sheets are. You’re only adding 3 inches and most newer sheets have deeper fitted pockets.

Can’t find much in terms of reviews, except for this o.co review of the non gel version. A common complaint is the odor that never goes away and the foam that never fully expands past 2 inches


I’m only contributing to the conversation… We bought an el cheapo king mattress “in a box” that had a pillowtop. It was great for about 4 months…

After much research I ended up getting a 2" natural latex (talalay) topper and now, four years later we are still happy with the elCheapo mattress + topper.

My contribution though is to refute the above post that claims latex has no heat issues. I was never a “hot sleeper” in the days of inner sping mattresses. Memory foam made me into a sweat factory. Latex, while better, still make me sweat if I don’t do all I can to make my room very cool outside of the covers.

I’m interested in this topper as we’re about to move rooms and will have a queen, but I’m not sold on it yet. Hope to hear some more reviews of people who actually get it.

Im allergic to latex, so that isnt an option. I have an innerspring and want a cool topper. Im thinking this one would work. Any other personal experiences with gel foam toppers? I sleep hot naturally so I don’t want to be hotter

[MOD: There was an error in the sale. These are not gel foam. Sorry.]

If I add 3" of height to my mattress, the bed sheets won’t fit. It’s a tight fit now as it is. And the comforter will hang 3" higher off of the ground. That’s not good.

I’m debating getting one to sleep on (without a mattress underneath it). How would this work if you put it directly on a floor or in the back of an SUV? Is it thick enough? I hate inflatable mattresses.


Hey all. Looks like we made a booboo. The topper we are selling is not gel infused. However, it does have cooling properties from the ventilation in the quilted air memory foam.

Customer service will be contacting customers that ordered to ensure that you want this topper.

UPDATE: I also removed a few posts that talked about Gel.

As another who is also allergic to latex - avoid ALL “memory” foam unless it comes guaranteed to be latex free from a latex free manufacturer. Otherwise, you may end up sleeping on latex anyway. (Been there, done that)

Where are these made ??

[MOD: Per the specs, they’re made in China.]

I can’t speak for this product, but I have one of the Walmart (Canopy brand) 4" foam toppers that I’ve used for about 5 years now on a cheap $300 firm mattress set.

As I recall, and it’s been years, I paid about the same price, and will do it again in a heartbeat if the topper I have ever wears out.

The Canopy topper, combined with the cheap mattress is actually far more comfortable (and has lasted FAR longer) than the $1500 quilted, pillow top Sealy mattress set I purchased in 2008…

The expensive Sealy set I bought bunched up and formed rock-hard “ditches” within about 6 months but they wouldn’t replace it under warranty because it didn’t meet THEIR standards of “broken”.

My point, and sorry for babbling, is that I’m a big fan of thick mattress toppers and this looks like it would do you just fine for the money…

I slept on a 3” latex mattress (on the floor) for years in the 1970’s and it was extremely comfortable. But that said I do not think just because this is also 3” that it would work. The density is more important and from my experience with toppers, I would guess that this would not have the support necessary as my 3” mattress did.

Thanks for the info. That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear.


I have a 3 in gelfoam topper that I bought at Costco…to go over a Serta adjustable bed…which also has gel foam… I do find it to be hotter than the latex topper I have at my other house (bed). The gel foam topper does not have fabric, padding etc…but my latex topper does. I prefer the latex topper as it feels more natural. the gel foam feels like you are laying in wet sand!

Per the specs, they’re made in China.