3/01/2021: Shirt-O-Meter Derby!


Keep those votes coming and help us decide which ones of these amazing designs to print! Be sure to check back next week, starting on Tuesday, March 9 for your Derby apparel starting at only $10!

What’s this Derby you speak of?

idk, it’s like this really cool, thematic, crowd-sourced apparel design competition that runs weekly on Woot! The Creatives of Woot! (CoWs for short) create awesome new artwork EVERY week and YOU exercise your civic Woot-y to vote for the bestest designs! The top 3 designs get featured (Champ, Chump, and Chimp) get bragging rights as the daily each week. And don’t worry, we also curate a collection of ones you love but didn’t win for a specially-curated-for-you event each Friday.

mmmk, that’s cool, but what’s what’s a Shirt-O-Meter Derby?

It’s a special Derby to give back to you: the more voters in the Derby, the lower the price of apparel on Derby designs! Here’s some fine print, too: 1,500 Derby voters gets apparel starting at $10!

The theme of this week’s competition is ‘Pirates’, you can read a little bit about the design guidelines for this competition here.

How will I know how many voters there are?

Check back right here every day where we will post the total count!

Where do I vote?

Go here. Make sure you log in using your Woot! or Amazon account and click those blue ‘I want one’ buttons over the designs you like!

Tell your friends and fam-a-lam to come over to Woot! and vote too! We like to give you a deal, it’s kind of like, what we do.


Yassssss!!! Please send a push notification too! I forgot who is in charge of them, these days. I think someone married someone in accounting and they started a family band and lived happily ever after.

I do have a pirate joke, I just can’t remember it. I’ll have to get back y’all on that. Edit: it may not be SFW so I’ll table it for now.

However, speaking of Pirates, there’s a book (the audio book is excellent) called Fantasticland by Mike Bockoven about what happens to all the young people working at the theme park (Fantasticland) after it gets hit by a hurricane. It gets dark and has a Lord of the Flies feel to it, but with pirates and robots and shop girls. And now, I think of those Pirates vs Jack Sparrow whenever I think about Pirates.

“What’s a pirate’s favorite restaurant?”
“You’d think so, but it’s actually Long John Silver’s.”


What’s a pirate’s favorite letter?
You’d think it’s Arrrr, but you’d be would be wrong, matey. It be the C that he favors.

Speaking of… here’s my derby entry for this one. Pirate of the Hi-C, if you will. :slight_smile: :pirate_flag:

Hey, Kool-Raid!


This is what’s wrong with arrrr society…

To err is human…to Arrrggghh is Pirate.

What does a vegan pirate do in jail? Staaaarrrrrrvvvvvveee!

We’re already up to 750 voters! You guys are amazing!


How many votes to get pricing down to $5?




Never underestimate how many bots use Woot.


Well the bots :robot: must’ve been asleep last shirt-o-meter because we didn’t get enough votes to win :pensive:

We did it! You guys are amazing! Keep 'em coming!!!


9,998,500 more voters to go until $5?

998,075 more to go!

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Progress is progress.

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Shirt-O-Meter shirts are on sale now! Be sure to grab your $10 tees!


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I take it that 1M voters weren’t to be accounted for?

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