6MP Dome PoE IP Security Camera

6MP Dome PoE IP Security Camera

Love that the reviews are for a different camera so obviously amazon listing just recently changed the existing with a different product.

So amazon stickers on box 2 different ones one for item listed for sale on woot one for the older 4mp version of same and the manufacturer label for 4mp completely different camera which is what is actually in box.

Emailed cs for request for partial credit and after they told me to send photos which i did they told me to send back or blow smoke (they do nothing)

I have since figured out the camera was (i guess) an expensive one that pan and zooms but it can now be purchased for $50 something where the one listed by woot is $74 now

One would think something should be done by woot.

Side note after more than a week the bike charged within a couple hours of purchase (about $600) was notified was cancelled.
And yesterday i orderd a ddifderent one charged 2hrs ($676) later
Wonder how many weeks before that shipps or is cancelled