Acoustic Research 18-Device Touchscreen Universal Remote Control

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Acoustic Research 18-Device Touchscreen Universal Remote Control
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Wheres my "Bag of Cra*p!!!

well this is going to be a long wait…

Ffs its 2 am. boc campers/whiners are always annoying. And we are just getting started. I am resigned to the fact that I will have to hop in my car at the first sign of a woot off, drive to Texas, park next to the woot warehouse, and hop on their WiFi if.I ever want a boc

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Its not a Harmony, but for the price its not bad at all. It won’t remember device states but its much simpler to setup than standard universal remotes.

Bag of Carp where are you?

hopefully the next kids woot is better!

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Tempting to buy. but don’t really NEED it.

anyone know why my full name appears at the bottom?

I Wish!

Not remotely interested. Doesn’t push my buttons. Consider me turned off.

OMG! Your Richard Renny Jr!

Dont buy this crap! I bought one and I regret it!!! Save yourself the hassle and get a logitech.

The database of codes that AR keeps is SCREWED UP!!!

thats a good one!

I was actually waiting for one of these. A buddy got one and really likes it. It’s a decent deal.

In for 1.

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