Altec Lansing Expressionist Classic Speakers for PC and MP3

waiting for these from the anniversary buy… hope they’re good :slight_smile:

wow, the woots are coming fast and furious.

What The FU@CK!!!
Every time I click on “I want one” the page just refreshes… Missed the pet brushes, and the rumba… F@ck this!

Try waxing your modem… or pay the extra $2.00 to upgrade from 28k to 56k

Like I was saying, this is the warp speed portion. Twelve items so far sold out since 3 a.m. May still go quickly for a while.

The items are already sold out if the page just refreshes.

Looks like this is the end of the quickies.

looks as if there’s a bunch of these altec lansing speakers

On a 1Gbs line… not kidding.

I don’t think you’ll miss these.
At least 6 gone and the bar barely moved.

Hey, it’s good enough for Snoop.

Ooooh, do you think some modem wax will come up soon? I’ll be honest, my modem hasn’t had a good wax in a long long time.

Nah… the bar is clearly loading in the wrong direction.

Is there anyplace on the page that tells how many they have available? Some of the previous ones sold out so fast I wondered if they only had a couple for sale.

These might be ok for standard PC use.

They are not USB powered which is a big plus.
USB powered ones usually have slight feedback issue that annoys me.

Yes. You have to click on a tiny box that is a slightly darker shade of green. It’s somewhere in the description, and usually hidden. If your prompted for a password, it’s Moofi.

if you buy a few things in a woot off will they allow you to combine shipping? or is it a separate $5 for each item?

Go up to the community link above, and click on the item that already sold out that you’re interested in for the sale #'s. This one may be the slow sign afater all.


hey, new animated woot! lights, schweet.