Altec Lansing Stereo USB Speakers

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Altec Lansing Stereo USB Speakers
$19.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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these should go quick


and… this sucks.

( -_-) I am not amused

They look like cannons.

This is the price on Amazon also (not from Amazon directly though)

in for 100

keep telling yourself that

go woot your self amazon.

Looks like there are a bunch of these. Candidates for future BOCs I would think.

They look… kinda cool? No? Meh.

Does my USB ports have something to say that they need speakers?

You know what they need to list - a few more speakers and/or headphones. People love hearing junk. It’s like they be born with 2 ears or some noise. I hope they start offering something that makes sounds happen, because people be buying that junk UP, son!

My mother has these for her laptop. They produce somewhat decent sound…but that’s about it. Nothing extraordinary.

Same price as Amazon (free shipping, no $25 min.)

Not a deal

ooooooh and they’re usb!These would make great external speakers for the refurb TV!

I believe they would say something like “Whatever you do - DO NOT BUY US SPEAKERS - your computer has built in speakers already - AND - there is a dedicated audio out port! PLEASE DO NOT BUY SPEAKERS FOR US!”

I’m gonna say that the Beaver of Cleopatra isn’t going to happen. I think they are scared after the mishap last month with the crash. I think this whole Woot-off is basically a test to see what they can handle. For example that really long pause with those rechargeable batteries earlier. With everyone hitting F5 for that long was a good test to see how it would handle the load. Then the errors from earlier in the day.

I see no Beaver of Cleopatra in the near future. This just feels like the end of the last woot-off. Everyone waiting for something that’s not coming.

Also, add to that the fact that they just did birthday Beaver of Cleopatras not that long ago…