Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

No thank you NSA

What are you hiding?

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I have 4 of these around the house and I find them very handy. The one in the kitchen for measurement conversions, the living room and bedroom for weather and news. We have one in our son’s bedroom we can send reminders to. We also use them as alarm clocks and timers. And if you group them you can have music piped throughout the house.
As far as NSA snooping and password protection you need to ask yourself a few questions. A) When was the last time you had a conversation with anyone that would have been the least bit interesting to anyone else? And B), when was the last time you called out a password (out loud that is) while entering it. Even when the wife asks for a password we use a shortened version so the teenager doesn’t get it.
So bottom line the NSA doesn’t give a crap if you asked your Echo for the recipe for a beefless beef stroganoff or how many cups in a gallon. Admit it: we’re just not that interesting.


These Echo devices sold by Woot have invalid registrations. They cannot be set up and used like the ones Amazon sells.

Beg to differ about that one. We gave one of our Dots to my wife’s mother. I just replaced it and got one additional in the WOOT! sale on Sep 25, 2018. (Paid $3 more each too… ERRRG!) They both set up nice and easy right out of the box. They were sold as used but both looked brand new.

BTW: WOOT! IS Amazon.

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Amazon owns Woot. These are being sold by Amazon through Woot. If these Dots cannot be registered they can be returned. Woot has a great track record of taking care of their customers.


In what manner can they not be used?? Because if they can’t be used like what you’d expect then what’s the point…

What cant they do?

Is this Echo Dot new or used/refurbished? Since they don’t mention anything about ‘brand new’ I assume it’s used but does anybody know?
Edit: Never mind, it’s used. They tell you once you try to purchase it. Would be nice to be more upfront.

It is indeed used/refurbished condition.


It says this on the first page:

Special Note: This is a used item in “good” condition, meaning that it may have cosmetic blemishes but is in perfect working order.


Did anybody mention to you where it says right there on the page the condition?


Not sure they could be any more upfront that this:


I have a 1st gen Echo that I use for the types of questions you describes, but more so for music. Is the speaker on this Dot good enough to play music?

It’s not on the main page when you first get to woot, it’s on the second page after you hit “read more”. You can easily get to the discussion page without going to the page where it shows the condition. So it’s understandable someone my not know how to find condition.

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The Dot’s speaker is comparable to that of an alarm clock radio. However, it does have both a line-out jack and Bluetooth for hooking up to things like your favorite portable speaker, a nice set of desktop computer speakers, wireless headphones or even your home stereo system, I use an older small Jambox portable BT speaker in my home office and the sound fills the room.

They also make docks with speakers built in and even a digital clock display on the front. When our last bedroom alarm clock died, our Dot and Alexa moved right in and it’s been great.


This is the landing page after clicking on clicking the link in the email. It’s small but even my old eyes saw it immediately.
I’m always hesitant to buy used or refurbished but this deal seems too good to pass up.


I picked up one of these a few weeks back the last time they were available. (I also have a gen2 echo dot that was purchased, new, directly from the mothership.)

Despite being ‘used’ I wouldn’t have known, other than the echo dot from woot was packaged in a plain brown box.

The major difference between them is that buying the used one left me with an extra $20 in my wallet to buy another.

On second thought… Take my money woot-azon, I’m in for two.

Can’t speak to this particular sale, but I bought 2 echos from woot before that were listed as used. They arrived looking brand new.

I have a Dot in the master bedroom, basement, and garage. I have the big Echo in the living room. I have a Dash wand in the kitchen. I want another Echo Dot, but I don’t know why yet…