Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Amazon Echo Show - First Generation - Black or White

Yay! Something to replace my now-unsupported Sony Dash!

Oddly enough, same price. Greater value!


I got one if those zmodo doorbell cameras. I know I can set it up to display on the show, but will it automatically appear on screen when someone rings the bell without me having to ask it to show the feed? Same question for Ring doorbell cams: do those show up automatically?

A couple of questions/concerns: 1) does this model include the browser updates that are now a part of Gen 2? (sorry, it may be in the description, but I’m too lazy to read). 2) Google & Amazon were having hissy fits over YouTube on Amazon devices. I believe that’s been settled, and YouTube is now available on Echo Show?
EDIT: Some web searches indicate that YouTube is indeed available now IF the browser updates have been applied to Gen 1. Can anyone at Wootazon confirm?

I have the ring pro and it does not automatically show the video. With the latest update though, it does allow the show to act as a ringer and announces when someone pushes the button.


This page shows that both the 1st & 2nd generation have the same number for the latest update.

The software version can vary from unit to unit but you can update it yourself.

How is the sound compared to Echo 1st gen? It seems the Echo would have more “omnidirectional” sound.

Also I take it, it’s compatible with all Arlo cameras…?

I have this and it does show live video but not replay. Alexa” show front door”. And it will opened my ring doorbell first gen.

How long does it display the video after asking to show the front door? I want to be able to see who is at the door while saying quiet so they don’t know I’m home.

If this wasn’t used/refurb, it would be a great deal

You would think they would sell color screens rather than black and white. What is this the 50’s?

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I loved my Sony Dash.

If it were the 50’s, they’d all be banana yellow and avocado green.

Just got mine today. this this is in perfect shape looks brand new! I really like it so far. If I would have know it was this good i would have bought two. Another satisfied customer. Great job Woot!

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Are any of all you all experiencing screen flickering/glitches as mine has started exhibiting this seemingly common problem for this Generation 1 device according to web searches. Power off and on seems to cure for an indeterminably time!

I’m sorry for the screen problems. If you don’t figure it out, contact Woot customer service before your warranty expires.

Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

I had that with my new one- it will probably get worse. Make sure you don’t miss the warranty window.

The updates are the same as the Generation 2 Show. They offer the exact same features as far as software goes.