Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Wi-Fi Tablets

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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" Wi-Fi Tablets
Price: $34.99 - 44.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days. (Tuesday, Oct 25 to Wednesday, Oct 26) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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So, “refurbished” but actually “used” and not refurbished. Refurbished means restored to like new condition (usually by replacing the exterior parts), not just restored to factory default settings and wiped off with a cloth. If you want one of these, spend the extra $10 and get one brand new from the mothership (with Prime shipping). Or better yet, wait for another couple weeks when Amazon has another sale on them. $39.99 (with shipping added) is not that good of a deal for a used item with “minor” cosmetic blemishes.

Got mine (the 8 GB $29.95 one from a week or so back) direct from Amazon in a couple of days.

It is pristine, works just fine.

Actually, the 16GB version on Amazon is currently $69.99 new. So this is approximately 50% off - which isn’t too bad.

So used Fire HD 7 vs new Fire 7.
The Fire 7 has expandable storage, so I just bought an 8GB for $35 on Black Friday. I have a 32GB card in mine.
Seems like the resolution and HDMI out is the primary benefit.
1024 x 600 versus 1280x800.
This HD even has a slower dual core processor.

No, if you read the information, the box will be marked used.

We’re listing these as “Refurbished”, but the boxes will be marked “Used - Good”. These units will have minor cosmetic blemishes and have been returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by an Amazon technician. The units have been repackaged in a brown box.

The best model to get in this category is the (discontinued) Fire 7" HDX. 1920x1200 display, 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB RAM. Best 7" Fire made. You can occasionally find a deal on one…

And the Second Gen is from 2012, as opposed to the next three generations, which I would think have some improvements along the way.

I received mine about two weeks ago. It looked brand new, not a mark on it. Works great. If you are a Prime member, it’s a must have for reading and for movies. Great during the trip I just returned from. I think you would be crazy not to buy it for the price!

Think I have this version. Works very well as a coaster.

Used it for about a year prior to being a coaster, seemed to work well, but starting lagging and slowing after about a year. But for the price, not bad. I paid a very similar price for new, but at that time it was an amazing deal, which is why I jumped.

Do these have the “night reading” mode when reading e-books? (black background/white letters?)
I need one to not keep the wife awake when trying to sleep.

I hunted through the reviews on Amazon and I’m not seeing anything other than it’s easy to read at night.

Looking for a case for this. Does anyone know what generation this one is?

The 2 I purchased came in what looked like original packaging, not brown boxes. They look new, no visible signs of any use so if these are used, they sure don’t show it.

I ordered the 8GB gen 4 version a week ago, and the closest thing I’ve found on it to “night reading mode” is its Blue Shade feature [it changes the color spectrum so it doesn’t output any blue light].

1st Generation Fire HD

I think the HD & front camera make it a second Gen.

Amazon makes things super SUPER confusing when it comes to these products. This is technically a 2nd Gen Kindle Fire, but it’s the 1st Generation of the Kindle Fire HD.

This is the 2012 model of the Kindle Fire HD 7".