Apologies to coffeenogrumpy

Hi all,
With apologies to coffeenogrumpy, we need a new thread for this. The other one got messed up and new posts can’t be found.

A new thread for what? Are we supposed to all continually apologize to @coffeenogrumpy? Could be interesting.

I’m sorry too. Not sure for what but I’m sure I did something.

PS: What old thread? I might be able to locate it in the mystery archive.


I miss the Mary person.

I feel like I am missing something here…

My sincere and heartfelt deepest meaningful apologies to coffeenogrumpy for all those horrible and possibly life-changing things that may have happened.

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…and if you come across our old Squarryl thread…


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My Dearest Coffeenogrumpy,

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write you this missive. The ever-present weight of my guilty conscience has stirred me to action so that I might attempt to right this most grievous wrong.

Nothing I could write could possibly atone for my wayward ways, of this I am sadly aware. But it is my hope that you might look into your most precious heart and find your way to forgiveness. Perhaps the wise words of the great singers known as “Take That” will stir you:

Whatever I said
Whatever I did
I didn’t mean it

These beautiful and deeply profound words express my hopes and desires beyond any skill at expression I may possess.

Coffeenogrumpy, my most dearest Woot companion, say that you’ll consider this letter. I will be waiting anxiously for your return reply.

Most Sincerely,



Coffeenogrumpy had a thread named whatcha eatin’?
Could it be that? I’ll try posting in it to see if it’s working anymore.


Good memory!

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I liked that thread, everyone could play!

But wasn’t there also a Watcha Eatin’ 2?

There was! It was not started by Coffeenogrumpy, but by Pooflady.

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I accept all apologies
What’s for Dinner?


Sorry. Not sure what’s for dinner.
I apologize.

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Hi Coffee!
I had a chicken sandwich and rice with veggies (mmm, leftovers!)
What are you having?

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It took you two years to accept our apologies!? Well… there is an expiration date on my apologies. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome back!

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Been busy. I apologize.


Pic over on your other thread: whatcha eatin'?

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