whatcha eatin'?

nothing right now… first got to have my coffee!
mmmm pumpkin spice creamer.

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Turkey on toast w/Miracle Whip for breakfast.

Coffee, granola bar, multi-vitamin.

The granola bar keeps me from puking up the multi-vitamin.


Cheerios and diet coke (not in, but on the side).

A cancer stick, at the moment. I’m thinking chinese for lunch.

ugg nothing to do til 3:30pm…

Go go juice… (Mt Dew)

Hot pastrami w/ lettuce, onions, and tomato, mustard and mayo on a large sub roll. Yummy!!!

NOT cheese.

Cheese is good. I have plenty in my fridge.

What else is in my fridge & freezer?

fridge = 75% diet coke


Very nice. All food groups appear to be well represented, with the exception of beer. Impressive cheese assortment. Do you mix the Deviled Ham in with your scrambled eggs?


Except for the coke and the fruit and the veggies and a lot of the other things, we eat almost the same stuff!!!

Where’s the contents of the pantry?

Hell, let’s just get right to the top dresser drawer.

The deviled ham I picked up on a whim…I may or may not eat it. I don’t cook so it is my “desperation” item when I feel I need some kind of meat.

No beer, but there are a few “Smirnoff Ice Raspberries” behind the Sugar Free Jello and Sugar Free Pudding. We don’t drink that much. Also, I can’t really right now.

It is an impressive cheese assortment, huh? I like the sprinkle cheese on veggies or popcorn from time to time. I always get a bottle forgetting I already have several in the refrigerator. So, I end up combining them. I think I had 6 and combined them down to 3. I particularly like “extra sharp” cheese, but am getting used to the 50% fat free Cabot Cheese.

LOL! So, we don’t eat similarly, huh? I love veggies. I am a fruit-killer. I always buy it, but rarely eat it and end up throwing it away. I love pineapple, but am too lazy to cut it. I have pears, macintosh apples, oranges & a lemon in there.

The fresh veggies are cauliflower, brocolli, onions, carrots, mushrooms, lettuce, pre-packaged salad, & green pepper. The frozen veggies are all over. Anything goes, really. Love 'em.

Contents of the pantry are boring, but I will shoot them.

LOL! It’s the 3rd one down to worry about.

Remember, a good “Bridget” always wears…[;)]

I’ll skip that photo.


This is my pantry…some “evils,” but not all mine.


Okay, I’ll show you what is in the bathroom cabinet, since you would have peeked anyhow.

Doesn’t everyone have Manic Panic flourescent pink, black and silver hair dye in their medicine cabinet? The sparkly false eyelashes and old fashioned curlers are trendy.

I also have the geisha hair chopstick things in the cup.

My makeup bag needed to be dumped for inspection. So, guys, if you think your wife or girlfriend is high maintenance, think of my make up bag.


Okay, peoples…let’s see what you have!


I believe that the only difference between this month’s artificial sweetener and all the others that have been banned by the FDA is they just don’t know yet exactly how this one kills. Saccharin, cyclamate, acesulfame, sucralose … It’s only a matter of time.

I’m also one of the (fortunate) few who find that aspartame tastes absolutely vile.
Sucralose tastes almost right to me, but still has the vile aftertaste.

I say if you can’t have sugar, give up sweet.

Oh, yeah, and my fridge is about 15-to-20% Dr Pepper…