App Only Woot OMG Deal 12/21/18

I was disappointed that I missed out on all the OMGs so far. I missed this one because I was trying to find a clue hidden somewhere in the description (and couldn’t). Now, I’m glad I missed this one. I love these type of things when Woot does them, but this one seems like a misfire.

Is anyone bummed they missed out on this OMG “deal”? I have two packs I can sell. I need to get make $26.17 to break even on this scam. Who is willing to pay me $26.17 plus shipping for these stupid expansion packs? Woot thinks it’s a good price for a highly desirable item. They’re wrong, but that’s the official claim from woot support.

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A lot of unhappiness for this deal.

Was it as good as some of the other OMG deals? Nope.

But you also paid for something that you knew absolutely nothing about… So yeah.

Either way, I got 2 because I may or may not have been drinking when I ordered these. Have a holiday party coming up this weekend with a White Elephant Gift Exchange. One will go in the gift basket from me, the other in my wife’s gift basket. Then they’ll be someone else’s problem.


I’m glad old painful memories kept me away from this BS.


I knew it was supposed to be worth twice what I paid for. #WootLies

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I also have to cry foul on this one. Not only was it a bad deal, but I have never received something from Woot (and I have unboxed at least a dozen BOC’s in the past 13 years) that I thought was just foul and went directly into the bin. Lesson learned.

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I received the same CAH Fourth Expansion pack with the same packing slip for the Kamileo Hammock. I agree, this is utter carp and false advertising. It’s problems like this that are the reason the only thing I’ll buy from woot anymore is shirts and that’s been few and far between for quite some time. I’d like something to be done about this debacle too.


I am so glad that I chose to go to the backyard and scoop dog poop rather than participate in this deal. It looks like my dog’s crap was so much better than the crap that you bought.


I purchased it, but they thankfully ran out when they got to my order. It was cancelled and refunded. I have CAH, so it wouldn’t have been the end of the world, but I’m glad it went the way it did.


Even though it seems to be pretty clear based upon comments in this thread, I’m still curious what everyone thinks about this. Vote here:

  • I am happy with this OMG Deal.
  • I am unhappy with this OMG Deal.

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I voted I’m happy, because I didn’t get this deal.


Quit taintin’ the data!

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Add me to the list of people who bought something that I can’t use because I don’t have the game. Willing to bet this was amazons way of making it up to CAH after their listing was messed up. Why they would put something up that requires another purchase is beyond me.


I don’t know. You’d think woot would do something to resolve this situation, but nah.

Target has the Blue Box on sale for $16. This includes the 4th, 5th, and 6th expansion sets. Meanwhile, I paid $12 plus tax for ONLY the 4th set as a MYSTERY item. The real mystery is why woot would scam their loyal customers.
#WhyMe #DontScamMeBro

While I agree this was a poor choice to offer as part of the OMG deals and Woot should do something like offer coupons to those who want them, I think calling it a scam is overreaching.


Saying something is worth twice what it actually is to trick people into buying it IS a scam. Especially when they give no details on the item other than the alleged, fake Amazon price point.

They could have been going on inaccurate information. I just find it difficult to believe they set out to specifically mislead people. That’s bad business and wouldn’t make sense, especially considering they know how quickly the first two items were figured out and that people would dissect this one, too.

Let’s think about this logically. Have they scammed you on any of the WTF offers? What about the dollar t-shirts? You’ve gotten a lot of incredibly good deals from these and other offers and yet you’re willing to sell them up the river over a $12 (or around that, can’t remember exactly) item? This screw up is an exception, definitely not the rule.

I hope someone from Woot will step up and says what happened. I expect the holidays messed up people’s work schedules and that it will happen soon.


You’re starting to sound petulant @bsmith1. I too, suspect that something went wrong with the sale, but @ThunderThighs has already said this is the sale. I don’t see where continued bleating is going to solve anything.

There is precedence, remember the $50 electronics boxes? Woot did two things to fix that, diddly and squat. I don’t know why anybody would expect them to “do” anything now.

I suggest you donate them, take the tax write-off and live well while chortling in your $1 t-shirts.


I don’t think it was a scam. I don’t think it was a great deal or even close to being the deals of the previous OMG sales, but I don’t think Woot went out and tried to scam everyone. We were buying items not knowing what they were and got bit by it.

Do I think I paid to much for the item? Probably but I will just stay away from these OMG deals in the future.

No one forced me to buy this.