Woot OMG Deal

Woot OMG Deal


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I dunno but I got one too.


We’re either going to be really happy with ourselves soon or my wife is going to kill me…

Glad I’m not alone though!


I think it’s some type of fancy headphones. That I don’t need. I have 5 pairs of headphones on my desk at work. And no I don’t work I sound editing etc.

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First time being first sucker (as far as I know). 2.5 minutes is a long time though.

Dammit Woot and your ability to reel me in with mystery and desire.


Hello! Listen up! This is NOT a bag of crap. Not. Not. Not.

You are getting one item and one item only.
Every one who orders is getting the SAME item.
If you want to be surprised, don’t check back here until you open your package.



Yeah, I went back and re-read the description after purchasing. I literally just ordered some earbuds the other day from Amazon and already have cheap semi-decent wireless cans. I guess this may replace those. shrugs The thrill of the deal, right?

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I did read that portion of the item description before purchasing. I haven’t met my 31 days since my last BOC and being able to order more than 1 also clued me in that it is not a BOC.

Mystery surprise though. Man, what that hell did I get myself into now?


TT, how accurate is this information and any other “details”? Is this just a placeholder from another deal?

Damn it, did I just buy a stupid drone?
Nah, those specs fit the “or a pair of audio-ear-thingies. Probably that.” part of the description.
Not sure I need $40 rechargeable ear thingies…

We’re thinking wireless headphones or something to that matter. Since “Black?” is the color I’m guessing not AirPods

I also realized I just post the entire deal from Woot now so… yeah…

Almost bit for this…
Wouldn’t mind headphones, but not earbuds.
Says (0.8 oz).

These are likely

Bose SoundSport Wireless Earphones with Mic

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That’s why I’m wondering if all those stats are accurate or not. If they are then they are most likely ear buds, which I hope work with my oddly shaped ear canals…

This. They had them for the last wootoff and were in many LE BOCs.

I got one. Finger is hovering over the cancel button…

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It’s a drawing my kids made. They’re great artists. Sort of. You’ll love it and treasure it.

… maybe.


I immediately thought of the LE BOC’s too. Wouldn’t be terribly disappointed in this.