Apple 10W USB Power Adapter - 2 Pack

How are they packaged? Are these the bulk pack knock-offs?

Same question. Are these genuine Apple items, or off-brand, burn your house to the ground, China made charging blocks?

Per the vendor:
These come in poly bags; 100% original.

Are these nano compliant?


How do,we know that these are actual Apple? Not cheap copies?

They are Apple original product in OEM packaging.

It doesn’t explicitly say all iPod models like Amazon has on similar adapters. So wanted to make sure I could charge my nano without fail.

I don’t have that information. Quick googling only showed that you can use an Apple adapter (sold separately). Found one place on the Apple site showing an adapter for the nano that was 12W. You should probably research your nano for the power requirements.

I charge my kindle and my android phone plugged into one of these so I’m pretty sure it will charge an iPod Nano. It’s just a white wall charger, I can’t see why it wouldn’t charge anything you plug into it with a USB plug.

Do these adapters plug into the car cigarette lighter as well as wall outlet in the house? I couldn’t tell from the picture of a white cube.