Apple 7.9" iPad Mini 4

Apple 7.9" iPad Mini 4

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It looks like this can’t be upgraded to iOS 11 or above.

[MOD: It can be updated to 14.3 per Apple. ]

I bought the wifi only version of this back in March and it’s been great.

It also has upgraded a few times and is now at ios version 14.3.
Apples support site shows it supported for iPad mini 4 also:

How much longer will this be supported by apple?

This unit is fully upgradeable to the newest ios, and is still supported by Apple.

Legit found the same thing for cheaper elsewhere and still not sure it’s worth the price for what I want it for. Literally just want an iPad for Procreate. That’s the only reason I would ever want an Apple product. Haha

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Which cellular platform does it use?

imma no expert on ipads but this generation (4) may not support apple pencil, if that’s what you wanna use with procreate.

somewhere there’s a joke about earlier generations needing only dinner and a movie for procreation.

Quite a few.

Anything Refurb from WOOT is a pass for me.

yes but their return process is good, as long as you do it within the time limit. i have had some great “refurb” and also a few definite-Nahs.

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Is this version UNLOCKED so that you can put any carrier’s SIM CARD in it?

See my post above on carriers.