Apple (Devices That Will Require Power) Jacks

Here’s your chance to get an Apple i-whatever to go with all the i-whatever devices we sell! Win-Win! Right?

umm…apple didnt make a white 3rd generation iPod touch. (I worked at the genius bar for 3 years)

These cost more than refurbished straight from Apple? The 32GB iPad 3 Wifi for example, is $379 from Apples refurbished section. And you can get the 4th gen 8GB Touch for only $9 more than the cost of the gen 3 in this sale.

I think the pic is obviously wrong, but a 3rd Gen iPod Touch is almost useless as the majority of new apps are unable to be installed on it as they want the newer IOS. Anything over $99 is way too much.

I am wondering if these come in the original box or not? I know they are refurbished, but as a gift I would at least like the receiver to see the Apple box. I know that may sound silly but I just want it as part of the presentation. Anyone know?

the 32G 4th gen ipod touch is only 179 refurb at apple and free ship !

Actually, the refurbished third generation 16GB is $379 and currently out of stock. The refurbished 32GB third gen. is $469.

You can get a refurb iPad 3 w/ cellular cheaper at the Apple site.