Apple iPhone 7 (Your Choice Carrier)(SD)

Apple iPhone 7 (Your Choice Carrier)(SD)

The iPhone I purchased from this seller a couple of weeks ago on February 24th had a Maximum battery capacity of 78% so be aware that the battery in some of these iPhones do not meet the seller’s claims of the battery having a Minimum of 85% percent capacity. Another purchaser also received a phone whose battery was at 77% Maximum. This is considered seriously degraded by the iPhones software. We may have not been the only buyers who received phones with a seriously degraded battery.

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Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

I purchased one around that same time, and while the battery capacity was still OK, there are other serious issues with the battery. Using the phone for just some light web surfing and email checking, the phone has started to get really hot after just 15 or 20 minutes. And I think the S&D description disclaimer is deceptive because the iPhone I received had significant scratches on the screen–Woot did give me a $30 discount for that, but now I’m stuck with an overheating phone and Woot has not offered any viable options for me.

Sorry to hear that. I’d ask for a full refund. The iPhone I received had s few tiny scratches on the back and the front was perfect. I haven’t contacted customer service yet but will do so. Thanks for the reply.

Thanks for the link. I have emailed customer support describing the issue.

Woot offered me a $24 credit which I accepted knowing I still have the remainder of the 90 day return policy before making a final decision on whether to keep it. It was purchased for an elderly relative who won’t use it that often so I’m leaning towards keeping it.

Don’t forget that you have a 90 day limited warranty from Woot on your purchase and honestly, if I was in your situation I would ask for a replacement or a complete refund and just roll the dice when they come up for sale again which is every couple of weeks.