Apple iPod 8GB nano with Multi-Touch (Current Gen) & Accessory Kit





What’s the point of multi-touch if you can only fit one finger on the screen?


A Sansa 4 gig for $25 is a much better deal…

So…Sansa sansa sansa sansa…


This looks like a pretty good deal, Amazon has 'em for $135 & up without the accessories.

Looks like a previous woot! had 'em for $159…

check it here


How can I “share” when you covered the button??? Dear Woot Gods, please relocate share links. Love, Jayne


You can check out a review here.


what does this look like in locked mode, i.e. asleep? Can I wear it as a watch? will it show the clock and calendar? are there apps for this?


So, $135 including shipping from Amazon, and the same price on woot! but you get a few cheap doodads along with it. You’re going to have to work harder to sell me on this one.


Disclaimer: I don’t own an ipod, nor have I ever used one as a watch. I own a dressy watch. I don’t even wear it. Because it’s broken.


::sigh:: So glad someone else remembers those pre-Amazon-acquisition days of Sansa-Love…


I own and love this version of the nano. Wear it as a watch. Even listen to music with it on my wrist. Seems dopey, but actually works in practice.


I believe I have that FM transmitter. Mine has five preset stations, 88.1, 88.3, 88.5, 88.7, and 88.9, so if none of those stations are empty in your area, that won’t be of use to you.

The transmitter by itself cost around $20. It randomly turns off a few times right when I turn it on. No problems after that, though.


Looking at Amazon, it would appear that what we get from ordering through woot amounts to a free accessory kit.

They are nice accessories, and I know somebody who has been wanting one of these for a gift for awhile, so I might just be in for one.


The control buttons on Sansa MP3 players suck. They’re not worth $25, and the sound level is locked at an unacceptably low rate. Even with a pair of Bose in-ear headphones, the sound level and quality was still junk on the Sansa. I’ve bought Sansas on Woot and ended up going right back to using my very old and still fully working iPod. The Sansas ended up getting tossed into an electronics recycling bin.




The multitouch has a pretty limited application but comes in handy when you need it. You just pinch the screen and twist to changed the screen’s orientation. Nothing else, I don’t think.


Amazon has it for the same price!? Why the need?


You get the accessory kit with woot as I believe someone else pointed out earlier.


Amazon reviews. 3.4 out of 5 stars